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Meet our Coaches

Mitchell Villani

Mitchell practices Iridology and Sclerology with others, helping to pave the way for an alternative health lifestyle for each of his clients. His overarching ethos is one centered on a belief that “we must treat the patient, not just the disease


Sutchain Heap

Sutchain has been passionate about working in health care for over 25 years, she is a registered nurse and certified health coach, having studied both mainstream health and natural health science, including traditional healing practices, nutrition...



Luke’s health journey continues and he is still making changes to his lifestyle to improve his health, he has the knowledge and experience to guide you through making these changes to your own life in a sustainable way


Nika Dostal

I was always curious about the body's innate healing capabilities and the potential to regenerate and live a long and pain-free life.


Koshy Quill

Koshy has always been passionate about health and wellness. She has been working as a Paramedic and supporting clients for over 12 years, demonstrating a fantastic medical knowledge base. Through her personal health challenges with major digestive...


Diane Shalevski

Diane has lost 40kgs, regained her eyesight and thrown away her glasses. She now runs marathons, competes in cross country events and has never been fitter, happier and healthier. She is passionate about sharing all her learnings with you...


Christopher Murphy

Christopher believes life is not about suffering, but about living to your fullest. He has followed his passion for health and wellness, becoming a certified nutritionist as well as a Tyler Tolman “Heal Thy Self” coach, and completing countless ....