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The 7 Principles Of Health "Monthly Health Check"

For thousands of years individuals have recognised that there are basic principles that lead to a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. There are seven principles which are seen in all the longest living cultures. When we are in balance with all of them then we feel great. Often were naturally good at doing a couple, and others we avoid. As a recap the 7 Principles are: AIR - which includes how we breathe and the quality of air we breathe. WATER - again it’s the quality of the water but also how and when we drink water. SUNSHINE - is not to be feared, it’s actually very healing when you sunbathe correctly. EXERCISE - life is movement, make it fun! WHOLEFOODS - if you want to be a superhero, eat 100% fresh fruits and vegetables…. Infinity & beyond!! RELATIONSHIPS - Focus on your relationships and do what you can to improve them. PASSION - have passion in your life and share that passion with other people. Get out there. Work on them one at a time. Find the one you have the lowest score and just work on that for a month. Each small step you improve will bring you closer to having a healthier happier lifestyle. Keep coming back to this resource monthly for consistent improvements.


STEP TWO: DO THE LESSONS THAT WERE YOUR WEAKEST LINK If you have more than one, focus on just one per month.