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Belinda Matwali

Belinda Matwali is a meditation teacher who’s passion is to make meditation fun and accessible to everyone, and to encourage people to invest in their ‘inner wealth’. As a dedicated student of meditation for 8 years, she spends 3-4 weeks a year with her enlightened Master in India. She has also studied sacred sound and sound therapy (including voice retraining with personalised frequencies). Belinda is also fascinated by astrology and sacred feminine meditation rituals and practices and weaves these into her work. After living many lives as a marine biologist on the Great Barrier Reef, investment banker in London and a Nutritional Therapist at a detox retreat in Brasil she now resides between London and Ibiza. She’s shared her meditations at festivals throughout Europe as well as the exclusive Ibiza Sabina Estate and world famous Ministry of Sound in London.

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Reviewed August 2020

Belinda's calm presence and her gentle voice instantly resets my nervous system! This is the master of Mindful Modern-day Meditation. Highly recommend xx

Reviewed August 2020
Helped a lot

I was going through a rough time when i saw Belinda's FB Live. Her relaxing and gentle voice gave me such an uplifting mood..

Reviewed August 2020
Blissful Calm..

Belinda brings a gentle and loving energy to my Monday afternoons... feeling blissful and relaxed she has taught me to be still and at peace. I also love her other work with trance meditation.. that is awesome!

Reviewed July 2020
Beautiful meditation teacher

Belinda's unique teachings draw on her traditional meditation knowledge combined with a fresh and contemporary natural ecstatic sound and movement - so wise, so beautiful, accessible and a treat to behold!