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Bill Ingram

  • Heal Thy Self COACH

Bill has been seeking good health since he was 17 years old when he started suffering digestive issues and was eventually diagnosed with IBS, GERD and diverticulitis. On his quest for good health he tried it all. Doctors to naturopaths and even shamans just to name a few. Sadly, Bill lost his beautiful wife to thyroid issues causing congested heart failure and was left as a single parent with their 4-month old baby girl. This left Bill paralyzed and his health deteriorated on all levels. Bill knew intuitively that there was a higher message for him to be received and amongst his darkest hours he started to change his mindset from “WHY is this happening to me?” to “WHY is this happening FOR me?” This was the start of his true health journey and he was able to find back to himself by seeking the truths in regards of optimal health. “When the student is ready the teacher shows up!” This quote really resonated with Bill after he met Tyler on tour. Bill transformed his health and reversed all of his digestive issues and managed to pull himself out of depression.


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