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Black Lives Matter

2020 is a year of change, where so many things are coming to light including systemic racism. What's been interesting about this for a lot of people is that is has been a massive blind spot. We don't know what we don't know and whilst we may feel personally that we're not racist it's appearing that there are many things in the fabric of global culture coming to light and understanding white supremacy. Since we are a global movement and believe 'together we're better' it's important to educate ourselves and make sure that even one is on the same playing field and has the same opportunities - something that has not been happening. This is not just about racism in the street, but how structures are built to favour white people. Like everything inside the HTS Movement it's completely your call and your right where you want to put your energy. We simply want to share resources that can help create awareness and then feel free to use your discretion for what resonates with you. Together we are better.