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Colon Irrigation Melbourne

Colon Irrigation Melbourne use Sunlight Saunas the only brand with clinically tested and proven Solocarbon® technology that produce more therapeutic far infrared heat and deliver a much deeper sweat for our clients than other far infrared heating systems. Sunlight Saunas is also the preferred choice of Doctors and Health Experts. Infrared saunas work by radiating infrared waves that not only hit the body but also get inside raising our body temperature. The saunas we use are designed to bring optimal heat therapy to your body. Our holistic approach to health and wellbeing will enable you to regain your health and revitalise your body.

Mon 9:00pm-8:00pm Tues 9:00pm-8:00pm Wed 9:00pm-8:00pm Thurs 9:00pm-8:00pm Fri 7:00pm-4:00pm Sat 7:00pm-4:00pm Sun CLOSED