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Cosmic Energy Update

2020 As we enter the second half of 2020 there’s still more astro ‘weather’ to come and most astrologers and intuitives are of the opinion that birthing ‘the new age’ will not happen overnight. There will be more contractions to come, but of course then a lot of beautiful times to come through as well which is always very helpful to keep in mind. Although astrology can not predict what is going to happen it can give us amazing insights and clues to the energies coming up and how we can best navigate them. 2020 has been a year on astrologers calendars for the longest time as one with big energy. Understanding these energies is like looking at the weather before you get dressed and go out into the world. They help us to navigate what’s coming up. To get a balanced view of the energies each month we draw from the wisdom of some of our favourite astrologers and intuitives. The experts we choose to share are: Paula Shaw with a Lunar update that captures the energy for each lunar month and astrology sign - published around the 21st of each month Lee Harris Energy - an energy intuitive who shares overarching themes for each calendar month Kayapacha Pele Report - a weekly astrological report sharing astrology placements and how to harness their energy Power Path by Lena Stevens - a monthly energy report sharing insights on ways to deal with the energy of the month in terms of health, nutrition, relationships and career We’ll update this page with the newest reports as they become available.