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Everyday Health & Vitality

This is your guide to everyday awesomeness. Simple health basics that make a massive difference. Here you’ll find things you can incorporate everyday to keep moving towards ultimate health. It might sound simple but if you are like me I needed to learn HOW to eat. I grew up on a SAD diet like you probably did too. I also didn’t realize that certain personal care products were damaging to my health. Did you ever think about what metal utensils do to us and that maybe there is a more natural way to eat our food? Did you know there are certain times of the day better to eat than others [link], or that when a food looks like a certain body part that’s a big clue about what it can be good for. Everyday health and vitality is about total nourishment and getting back to the basics of health. I promise you it’s about making your life more simple, not more complicated. And you’ll probably save a lot of money living this way too. So I invite you to take a look around, get inspired, try things out and let me know how you go.