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Fiona Reilly

  • Heal Thy Self COACH

Fiona’s health journey started in 2010 when she attended Don and Tyler Tolman’s programs and everything began to “click”. This was the last time she suffered from cystic acne after battling for 15 years to clear her skin and to finally face the world with confidence. Fiona found the power of fasting was a major part of the solution to healing her mental demons during a 4 week juice fast. Since then, she has completed three, 10 day water fasts and two, 12 day water fasts over the space of 18 months. All but one of these fasts completed whilst in an office job. She has discovered that every fast is a different experience, and deeper healing occurs each time, and now for the first time experiencing a digestive system in line with her health mentors! Fiona has learnt a lot about teeth health after suffering a bad cycling accident in 2018, landing on her face, losing a front tooth and experiencing mild concussion so has since become very conscious of looking after our teeth and becoming connected to the emotional reasons why some people have teeth issue’s despite a healthy diet. No matter what obstacles we all face, Fiona feels confident that she can help you, to heal yourself with a custom made program to work around your busy lifestyle and not to overwhelm you in a world full of so much health information! We are all a work in progress and through adopting the 7 principles of health, eliminating toxicity both physical and mental and nourishing our bodies correctly, we can all live a life full of vitality.


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