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Hannah Louise

Hannah Louise is a genetic profiling fat loss coach. Her journey has been in the health and fitness industry over 12 yrs. Her innate knowing that everyone is unique and obtain results differently coupled with her own experience brought her into the world of epigenetics. The fact that we all have different body types was obvious but understanging why has been the ground breaking shift that has seen Hannah get faster, easier and more sustainable results for both herself and her clients. Knowing that there was more to this area than just food and fitness, the modality she uses is based on your unique science. This is why we all eat, move and live our lifestyles differently. What might be great for you might be the worst thing for someone else!  Knowing this means we can all udnerstand ourselves and others better. Hannah's experience and knowledge enables her to give you full unapologetic permission to be yourself through epigenetics meaning more health, love, better relationships and most of all freedom to be your best you!!


Reviewed August 2020
Everything became clear..

Hannah helped me to gain clarity over why some things worked for me and why somethings did not help at all! I now know the core things I need to focus on to help me and my body to stay free of excess protection aka: excess weight! #HighlyRecommend

Reviewed August 2020
WOW! So insightful

Hannah provides such amazing insight into what works for me with weight loss.... it makes so much sense! It's a relief to finally find some answers to my body's way of working!

We are blessed to have this amazing knowledge and wisdom to harness our greater self
Reviewed August 2020
On Point

Absolutely love the insight Hannah has shared I'm 100% a connector! And it’s opened up so much awareness for me!! We’re so blessed to know this wisdom on our healing journeys <3