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Helen Tsipas

  • Heal Thy Self COACH

Helen’s Health Crisis started at the young age of 24, she was diagnosed with Endometriosis, after having surgery after surgery each year she thought she was healed, but then the Real struggle happened when she was 27 years old. Helen was diagnosed Stage 2 Breast Cancer Grade 3, the cancer had travelled to one of her lymph nodes in her axillary and was told she carried the BRACA1 gene. The doctors told her that she had a 50% chance of survival and that if she wanted to live to 80 she MUST do Chemotherapy and have a double Mastectomy. Helen felt intuitevely that it did not make sense to her to put poison in her temple to heal. Without having the knowledge and conviction that she has now, she decided with uncertainty, that in order to survive she would go ahead with the treatments. After a whole 11 months of fighting, she got the all clear YAY, but she had no more fight in her. She felt powerless, scared, lost and defeated and alone. She was looking for answers “So what now, go live your life Helen, you are clear, we did our job”. It did not make any sense to her, she was left alone, lost her trust in Humans, lost control of her body, started experiencing panic attacks, anxiety and fell into sever depression. Helen knew she was in trouble, she had no other choice but to take responsibility on her own. This is where her quest for Truth began. Helen has studied for 11 years across the globe learning about Human Development. A graduate in MJB seminars ( quantum Physics), an Ambassodor and Mindset Coach for Beast Mode International and a Health coach. Helen now believes that we have the power to Heal oneself. Helen ‘s life purpose is to help others on their healing journey holding their hand every step of the way. She will guide, inspire and lead you to understanding oneself, through changing your mindset and lifestyle choices.


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