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Bill Ingram

Perth, Western Australia Australia

Bill is committed to transforming as many souls as possible and can’t wait to work with you. He believes no matter what your human experience is that he can help you regain your health and wellbeing to live a life full of joy, free of pain and suffer

Veronica Griesel

I started my health journey more than 20 years ago, when my mother passed away from Parkinson’s disease at the age of 55. I thought there must be a better way dealing with health concerns than allopathic methods.

Mitchell Villani

ADELAIDE, South Australia Australia

Mitchell practices Iridology and Sclerology with others, helping to pave the way for an alternative health lifestyle for each of his clients. His overarching ethos is one centered on a belief that “we must treat the patient, not just the disease

Lucy Teear

TANYARD HOUSE, Church Street
Church Street
Northampton, England NN11 3ET United Kingdom

Lucy has first hand experience of the power for the body to heal, having been through and survived cancer twice, along with reversing chronic rosacea and gut issues.

Sutchain Heap

Sutchain has been passionate about working in health care for over 25 years, she is a registered nurse and certified health coach, having studied both mainstream health and natural health science, including traditional healing practices, nutrition

Sharon Heyme

BENDIGO, Victoria Australia

Sharon has been passionate about health and well-being for a long time and was first introduced to Tyler whilst studying Nutritional Medicine in 2011. The simplistic message of following 7 principles of health.

Sinclair Fischer-Gray

Sinclair has set on a journey a couple of years ago to heal from a chronic sports injury which has left him in chronic pain for years.

Claire Holbrook

Claire has been passionate about health and wellness since 2008 when her first born son suffered severe eczema and allergies. She set off on a mission to heal him with diet and lifestyle changes and it worked.

Luke Vandepeer

NEW FARM, Queensland 4005 Australia

Luke’s health journey continues and he is still making changes to his lifestyle to improve his health, he has the knowledge and experience to guide you through making these changes to your own life in a sustainable way

Nika Dostal

SYDNEY, New South Wales Australia

I was always curious about the body's innate healing capabilities and the potential to regenerate and live a long and pain-free life.

Diane Shalevski

482 Toorak Road Toorak
MELBOURNE, Victoria 3082 Australia

Diane has lost 40kgs, regained her eyesight and thrown away her glasses. She now runs marathons, competes in cross country events and has never been fitter, happier and healthier. She is passionate about sharing all her learnings with you...

Colleen Kerr

Perth, Western Australia 6025 Australia

I’m passionate about all things related to holistic health and the mind-body connection. I think everyone deserves good health.