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Information On The Corona Virus (COVID-19)

The information on COVID19 is changing day to day. We still believe if you have a strong immune system that is your best level of prevention. Looking around, this virus seems to be tracking towards being a global pandemic and we do recommend you look to your local health organisation recommendations. The WHO (World Health Organisation) have advised it is a Global Pandemic. Considering that you’re a part of the Heal Thy Self Movement, you’re no stranger to our message and you know the keys to HEALthy long life and disease prevention. Now is the time to focus on building your immune system and staying strong, and creating a health retreat type environment at home. Where you feel relaxed and everything you need to support your health. Looking to countries that have been worse affected, it's probably a good idea to make sure you are well stocked in products that support your health. Maybe try Pulse instead of Pasta and Greens to alkalise your body. If you need support check out the resources below where we have collated useful videos, articles and resources around CoronaVirus.. All of us at the Heal Thy Self H.Q are focusing on staying healthy and moving away from fear. Feel free to share this dashboard with anyone who you think would benefit from it and if you have content that you believe would be helpful to the rest of TRiBE suggest it here: https://www.healthyself.co/dashboards/ ***Please Note: The links we are sharing we found useful in broadening our awareness and for the most part the content fits with our brand ethics. We advise that you use your own discretion about what you resonate with and what you’d like to take from each piece.