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Nikki Cornfield

  • Heal Thy Self COACH

Early on in her career as a flight attendant with British Airways Nikki was ‘diagnosed’ with Coeliac Disease. What followed was a 17- year journey of self- discovery gained from travelling and living around the world. Exploring her passion for whole foods and from a love of nature she ultimately finds the answers to her own digestive issues. Being rewarded with good health and vitality despite the challenges of moving around she learnt that sticking close to nature was the answer.As an eternal student and passionate about natural ancient healing methods she qualified as a Reflexologist at The London School of Reflexology and later as an ISHTA Yoga and Meditation Teacher in Bali and Perth. Despite her own health improving year by year she felt the ongoing frustration at not knowing how to help her own family suffering from numerous forms of Auto-immune disease, MS, Cancer and Heart Disease and knew some elements to health were still missing. Meeting Tyler two years ago she said was a life changing day and one on which she instantly decided to help share his message to the world. She describes it “Like someone had finally turned all the lights on!” and as “A pivotal moment when all the pieces of the jigsaw had finally fitted together and I was gifted the missing pieces of knowledge that I had been looking for.” She says she has found true peace and purpose as a Heal Thyself Coach and is able from her own emotional, physical and spiritual experiences to naturally support, guide and encourage others beginning their own healing journeys.


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