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Heal Thy Self Team

Heal Thy Self Team 23 Mar 2020

Healing story coming at you! After Xmas, I began to experience a swelling feeling in my lower neck. Thinking my thyroid had become enlarged and hoping it was due to detox and nothing much else to worry about, I still consulted my wellness coach and she suggested it was definitely a healing crisis of sorts, and to trust my body. It become a definite swelling feeling and I noticed it every time I swallowed and just at every moment through the days. I went to the doctor who advised a blood test for thyroid function, which came back normal, and suggested an ultrasound. I couldn't be bothered with the ultrasound, and instead I ate more thyroid foods and remember Tyler talking about how he ate lots of pineapple as a kid for it. I also ate lots more pineapple, organic sea-vegetables and papaya and added more coriander and parsley to my juices and smoothies to support the detox work my thyroid was obviously doing. I also gently rubbed Frankincense essential oil on my lower neck three times a day and did lots of humming as thinking the vibrational energy directed to this area would certainly help (if you can hum you can heal!). It lasted several weeks and at times, felt quite uncomfortable. I also stuck to the 7 principles, meditated and carried on with the 7 rounds of 7 every day as I do anyway. Fast forward to now, the thyroid swelling has completely gone and feels 100% normal again! The wonders of the body through the detox and healing process never cease to amaze (and sometimes frighten) me!