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Ty Maguire

Ty Maguire 23 Oct 2020 08:14 AM

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Hayley Weatherburn

Hayley Weatherburn 25 Oct 2020 09:23 PM

Congratulations Ty!!

That is very generous of you! I can account for Ty being a big part of this community for a long time! He's been on his journey and now a Coach Student - Definitely take up the offer if you feel called!  

Vivian Sputore 18 Oct 2020 04:40 PM

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Hayley Weatherburn

Hayley Weatherburn 20 Oct 2020 11:38 AM

HI Viviana,

Well done on some impressive results - that must feel amazing to see you really taking back your health through the work you are doing! 

Now I am no Doctor or Health Coach so I really can't give any advice. The only thing I can offer to suggest is once you are feeling up to it and have been refeeding to introduce legumes and pulses and beans. I am plant-based and eat lots of Dahl (Lentils) and make myself a Vegan Chilli which has Kidney Beans, Black Beans, Lentils and Pinto Beans in it.. I feel like it gives me lots of protein in those particular meals. Anyway as I said I am not a dietician or doctor or anything - but just wanted to share what I eat to make sure I am eating extra protein.

Anyway - well done and good luck.. it's a journey not a destination and this is just another corner to turn on your journey to Ultimate Health.


Colleen Kerr

Colleen Kerr 21 Oct 2020 07:58 PM

Hi Viviana

Great work with the fasting. I think that when you stop fasting your levels should come back up. You have a low protein diet and high hydration- so they can cause low Urea. Also you may want to start drinking parsley tea to help with the kidneys. 

DHEAS is often high when the adrenals are over active. Have you been stressed during this fast? Tyler recommends that you don't work and have time out when water fasting - this is to calm the central nervous system and ensure the adrenals are not working to hard. With any fasting consider doing 7x7 more often to calm your nerves, long walks, baths etc

Tyler may have some more specific recommendations

Contact me directly if you have anymore questions

Kind regards

Coach Colleen Registered Nurse

Vivian Sputore 22 Oct 2020 08:52 AM

Hi Hayley,  

Thanking you so much for your response and advise which is so much appreciated.

I have started to introduce pulses and beans into to my diet which I love.

As I have been struggling with severe weight gain and vertigo for long time now, loosing weight has been impossible due my insulin resistance and thyroid issues until now.  I cant believe I lost weight for the first time in over 10 years.  Im so happy and cant wait to do another fast in January.

I went and saw a Clinical Dietician in Perth long time ago who said to me I had to cease doing all my juicing and limit my fruit intake to one piece per day.  I should have know better not to waste my time.  I obviously never went back and decided then to take control of my health and follow Tylers protocols..  

It's so obvious health professionals have no idea what they are doing and instead of helping very sick people they are contributing to their  illnesses which is so sad.  Thank God for both Tyler's and Don's teachings, wisdom and knowledge healing people around the world. 

I'm so loving this journey, I'm just quietely in the background learning and abosrbing all the information along the way with this beautiful authentic Tribe Group, Educators and all the Coaches.  

I'm so looking forward and hopeful to regain my health back so I can live life to the fullest and be the best version of myself.

Thanks again,

Kind Regards,

Viviana Sputore

Toni Austin 14 Oct 2020 02:22 PM

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Hayley Weatherburn

Hayley Weatherburn 15 Oct 2020 08:44 PM

Hi Toni, sorry to hear you are struggling to find things.. we certainly are wanting to make it as simple as possible. At this time there are no online programs on the TRiBE site. However, right now the programs site is kept here: https://programs.healthyself.co  Let me know if that helps find what you were looking for. If not, please reach out to office@healthyself.co to get the direct link for the program you were looking for.

Once again apologies for the challenges, we hope to improve and simplify things ASAP.


Toni Austin 15 Oct 2020 11:25 PM

Ah that makes sense - so it's a different site - no wonder I could never find it here!

Sarah Delacey 12 Oct 2020 07:07 AM

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Hayley Weatherburn

Hayley Weatherburn 15 Oct 2020 08:53 PM

Hi Sarah, sorry to hear you are having these issues. Let me offer a couple of solutions that may be happening...

  1. In answer to your question above you should be able to join at anytime as it's not locked down once it starts.. you can pop in 30mins late if that is the only time you can get in.
  2. Please check the timezone. The TRiBE Premium Schedule which can be found at the link just below, defaults in the Singapore timezone. If you want to check it for your time zone please follow the video instructions underneath the calendar  https://tribe.healthyself.co/premium-schedule.html
  3. Also on the calendar link above you should find the zoom link and updated monthly password. If not this event is also shared live into the TRiBE Facebook group with a link or you can follow along from there... but of course, it's always nice to get inside the zoom to do it with others.
  4. If for any reason we are having technical difficulties - ALL the recordings are kept in the Premium area and here is the special link to go and watch them: https://tribe.healthyself.co/tribe-education/channel/live-morning-activation-recordings

    If you are having any other issues, please email tribe@healthyself.co and we will see if we can help any further.

Sorry again that you were having issues, and hopefully you can get on a class ASAP.


Leorah Parker

Leorah Parker 18 Aug 2020 02:29 AM

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Julie Farrell

Julie Farrell 19 Aug 2020 01:23 AM

Hi Leorah,

Would you mind please emailing again to office@healthyself.co (not .com). I'll receive your email and look into for you. :)


Maureen Baxter

Maureen Baxter 17 Aug 2020 05:35 AM

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Lucy Teear

Lucy Teear 18 Aug 2020 02:05 AM

Hi Maureen 

If you are a TRiBE premium member you can look at Inna workshops here: https://tribe.healthyself.co/directory/inna-segal.html there's some beautiful sessions and workshops to watch and sure that you'll find tuning into the body there. 

Much love 


Julie Farrell

Julie Farrell 18 Aug 2020 09:00 AM

Hi Maureen,

If you would like to go to Inna's website - https://www.innasegal.com/ - and enter your details on the home page, this exercise will be emailed to you.


Julie :)

Rina Cohen

Rina Cohen 11 Aug 2020 07:37 PM

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Hayley Weatherburn

Hayley Weatherburn 12 Aug 2020 09:52 AM

Hi Rina, hope you are well lovely lady! Excited that you are wanting to watch my Class!

There are two ways to find classes - the first is under the Educators Channel (you find their channels in the Education section) click the Educator > click Education > Premium Classes > Voila!

The second way is to go to Premium Dashboard > Library of Premium Classes > And choose the Dashboard Topic of that Week

For ease of use right now - here is a direct link to the Premium Classes under my Channel: https://tribe.healthyself.co/tribe-education/channel/hayley-premium-class

Brenda  Pearce

Brenda Pearce 21 Jul 2020 08:34 PM

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Hayley Weatherburn

Hayley Weatherburn 22 Jul 2020 10:53 AM

Hi Brenda, I am part of the Heal Thy Self Team - our customer service team will reach out to you. In future if you have any issues with your account, please email tribe@healthyself.co

Sonja Den Ronden

Sonja Den Ronden 07 Jun 2020 07:18 PM

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Kirst Trethowan

Kirst Trethowan 08 Jun 2020 12:24 PM

Hi Sonja, I just had a look and it does show you are Just Looking. If you have any other queries please email tribe@healthyself.co

Thanks :) 

Heal Thy Self Team

Heal Thy Self Team 23 Apr 2020 01:04 PM

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Terry Brine 28 Feb 2020 07:46 PM

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Beni Faehse

Beni Faehse 03 Mar 2020 11:19 AM

Hi Terry, 

Sorry to hear about your beautiful friend, they are blessed to have you both looking after her!                Do you know if your friend is opened to holistic healing? 
Is this a conversation you have had with her?                                                                                                If you haven't had the conversation you can look at the great resources available here in TRiBE! 

A great guideline can be found in the Healing Guide 


The iHeal Channels - Cancer and Healing Natural Healing  https://tribe.healthyself.co/directory/cancer-and-natural-healing.html

If you have had the conversation and your friend is opened to having a consultation, the best way forward is to book a 1 to 1 consultation with one of Tylers Heal Thy Self Coaches, Tyler works with the case behind the scense, alongside the fasting doctor. 
Would be great to get an iridology and sclerology session done to see what happening within the body as a whole. 
You can book in a 15min Wellness consultation here to see how you'd like to proceed.   https://www.healthyself.co/find-a-coach/

Sending big loves to you all xox


Eva Thompson 14 Jan 2020 08:21 PM

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Kirst Trethowan

Kirst Trethowan 23 Jan 2020 09:18 PM

Lots of fresh water - 1 litre for every 22kgs of bodyweight, with a pinch of Himalayan or Celtic salt in each glass. 
Colonics, enemas, juice and/or short water fasts. Make sure he does regular colon cleanses to clean out his colon. One juice fast will rarely fix an issue like this - it's probably taken his body a while to get in this state so it will take a while to heal. I would personally do shorter fasts making sure he is eating clean in between. 
NO meat, no dairy, no alcohol, no medications either prescription or OTC,  no refined sugars or packaged/processed 'foods'.
Following Tyler's 7 Principles of Health hashelped a lot of people deal with eczema but it can take a while. 
Also look at the emotions behind eczema or skin conditions. Inna Segal has a great book called Secret Languge of The Body which is worth getting. 
He could also consider getting a session with one of Tyler's Heal Thy Self Coaches to help guide him through a program to release this. www.healthyself.co/coaches/