Raw Food Cleanse

Raw Food Cleanse

Nourish your body with vibrant whole foods. We share resources on how to correctly do a raw food cleanse including a recommended day plan and self care check list plus more.

Nourish your body with vibrant whole foods. We share resources on how to correctly do a raw food cleanse including a recommended day plan and self care check list plus more.

Benefits of a Raw Food Cleanse

Detoxify your body and nourish it with beautiful living whole foods to stay vibrantly healthy

Benefits of a Raw Food Cleanse

Significantly lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and other diseases

Benefits of a Raw Food Cleanse

Reduce body fat, reshape your body, improve your appearance naturally and transform your relationship with food

Benefits of a Raw Food Cleanse

Enjoy sustained energy with fewer cravings, improved moods and a desire for healthier foods

Aim to drink at 1L of water per 22kg body weight daily (or 1 quart per 48lb). Add freshly squeezed grapefruit, lemon or lime (or a few drops of high quality essential oils) and a pinch of rock or sea salt to rehydrate the body after an overnight fast. Citrus emulsifies fats, which allows your body to get rid of it, and because it passes the blood-brain barrier, it also helps to clear plaque and amyloid from the brain so you’ll enjoy greater clarity and focus throughout your day.

People say ‘you are what you eat’ but you’re also ‘how’ you eat, when you eat and who you eat with. Start to look at foods differently. Feel grateful for the gift Mother Nature has given you. Take the time to sit down and really eat consciously. When we engage all our senses in the experience, it is so much more satisfying and enjoyable.

When you fuel your body with beautiful whole foods and clean dressings, you won’t feel like anything is missing. Choose fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouts, smoothies, simple salads, and vegetables that are alive, colorful and vibrant like carrots, celery, capsicum and broccoli. Fill your plate with as many colors from the rainbow as you can. Don’t add any store-bought dressings. Instead use extra virgin olive oil, salt and lemon as your salad dressing. Our amazing Chef Cynthia Louise has an online course called “In the Raw” that will help you with ideas and recipes if you want to go the extra mile...

Especially when we’re busy, we have to prepare to succeed. I really recommend putting together a meal plan for the week, working out everything you need to purchase and then go get it. Sure you might change it up once you’re doing it, but if you work full time and have a family and all these commitments, aim to prepare it on the Sunday before you start. It’s super handy to have something already prepared ready to go and that way, when hunger strikes, you won’t be caught off guard. If you really want some help and you want to do this all out, you also could buy Chef Cynthia Louise's In the Raw online course. Get that here

We created Pulse Raw Food to have a precise ratio of fruits, nuts and seeds that deliver the nutrients your body needs. You could literally live on this stuff! When you are on a raw food cleanse, use Pulse either as a snack or meal replacements. It comes in 3 flavors - Original, Mango and Chocolate, and we love them all!

PS. They’re especially handy if you don’t want to prepare all of the meals for the week 😉

Remember to practice the 7 Principles of Health: Air, Water, Sunshine, Whole foods, Exercise, Passion, Relationships. Add in some Sleep and you have a winning formula!

If you’re worried about missing your protein, don’t be! Broccoli has 5 times more protein than beef when measured in calories. When we eat food that is clean, living and vital; food that isn’t processed with all of these additives and chemicals to make us eat and buy more of it, then we can begin to tune into how our body actually feels when it’s satiated. This alone has the potential to transform your life and the way you look at food from now on.

Headaches, fatigue, hunger, and irritability are all really common. This will pass and before you know it, you’ll have more energy than you’ve had in ages! No more mid-afternoon comas. Experiment with different recipes. Chef Cynthia Louise has an amazing selection of mind-blowing flavors. Seriously, you’d never know whole foods can taste THAT good. Orgasmic even!

By not eating animal fats, in 2-3 days your body will begin to remove the fat coating your cells, which helps all of your organs to work more efficiently. You will feel a deeper sense of self-love as you know you are SIGNIFICANTLY decreasing your chances of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and things like candida will begin to clear up.

Here’s a few tips to help you through this initial cleanse process if you feel a bit toxic:

Drink MORE WATER!! Breathe more fresh air, get out in the sunshine, relax outdoors in a hammock or on a blanket under a tree, suck on some salt, do my 7 Rounds of 7, take a shower or bath, or swim in the ocean.

All of these things change your energy and support your body’s detoxification process.

  • 6am Drink 1L filtered water with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a pinch of sea salt. Do a Shake & Bake then go for a walk 30-45mins
  • 7am Your choice of personal morning ritual, such as Tibetan Rites, Shake & Bake.
  • 9am Break your overnight fast with some fresh fruit, a juice or a smoothie. Perhaps even a salad or miso soup. Take a moment to breathe in all the colors and flavors that nature has to offer you.
  • 10am Drink plenty of water and go for a wander outside to do a 7 rounds of 7 breathing exercise. Stand in the sun. Savor the moment.
  • 11am If you’re a coffee drinker and starting to feel the pang, opt for a peppermint tea instead.
  • 1pm ​Ahhh, the midday feast. A time to refuel your body, be present in life, chew your food and really be thankful to yourself for this gift of longevity.
  • 3pm Read the Doctrine of Signatures, enjoy some Pulse Raw Food with a cup of herbal tea
  • 6pm Keep your evening meal light to sleep soundly and wake feeling clear and re-energised
  • 8pm ​Relax in the knowing your body is beginning to heal itself. If you’re feeling a little peckish, heat up a little miso soup or a warm lemon drink.
  • Not feeling great? Follow these suggestions to get you through your day.

​Absolutely! Eat it for breakfast, on the move or at work. On the plane. Eat it as a snack or as a complete meal. Eat it pre-workout for an energy boost and post-workout to help with recovery! Pulse Raw Food contains the precise ratio of fruit, nuts and seeds that your body needs to survive and thrive.

These 7-day cleanses are designed to help you become aware of what your body is telling you. If you need to eat a prepared meal, do that. If you just want to eat Pulse, do that. Your body is the most intelligent thing you will ever own... so listen to it. 🙂

​Absolutely, soy is safe to eat but only choose non-GMO or organic sources. It was only after GMO soy was introduced that the bad stuff started being reported and that’s after literally thousands of years of human consumption. Soy allergies sky-rocketed by 50% in the UK alone, and that’s just one example. If the labels don’t say it’s non-GMO or organic, chances are it’s made with GMO soy.

There are some beautiful soy yoghurts available on the market that will really nourish you in a different way and help feed your gut with all that beneficial bacteria.

​There’s probably one of two things happening. Either you haven’t eaten enough or you’ve got an emotional or psychological craving. I invite you to sit quietly and drop into your body. Where are you feeling the hunger? What does it feel like? Is it in your belly or somewhere else in your body?

Drink 1L of water, go for a walk, do the 7 Rounds of 7. Any of those things are great. If you’re still hungry, eat! If it’s emotional, come over to our Facebook Group and the distraction will help it pass. Have you tried Chef Cynthia’s AMAZING recipes? OMG.

This cleanse is to help you create a new loving relationship with food, so you can learn what your body really needs.

Eat what your body is drawing you to! It’s important we first feed ourselves mentally, energetically, emotionally, and then physically. When you go slow and involve all of your senses and all of your energy bodies, the process of eating becomes really orgasmic.

Go to the market or the grocery store and smell the oranges, look at the watermelons, the beets and the carrots. Buy the ones you feel most attracted to. This is often an indication of the nutrients our body desires. Look at the recipes we’ve provided for you in the resources and go with the ones that stand out to you. A lot of our members even find they provide inspiration for new creations.

Experiment, come over to our Facebook Group for suggestions or simply play around with different things you haven’t tried before. You’ll soon learn what you like or don’t like. The selections are endless! If you would like to go all out and make some extra ordinary raw food, check out Chef Cynthia Louise's online course, In the Raw. Get that here

​Beer / Wine / Spirits are not "Raw" and therefore are not a part of this diet.

Information inside these guides are suggestions only and should not be substitutions for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Please always consult your professional healthcare provider.