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67 Percent Inaccuracy With A Pap Smear Test

Ladies, this week I’ll be answering a question that you’ve all probably asked yourself at one point in time: how often should you have a pap smear test?

As you all know, pap smears are designed to detect cervical cancer. However research shows that there is a 67% inaccuracy with pap smear tests.

Pap smears can be stressful, may cause discomfort, and can sometimes lead to cramps and bleeding. It’s no wonder that I’ve been asked this question, because in reality, women don’t want or need to have any of that!

And so the question has been asked, how often do you actually need to have one?

If you follow the content that I share, you’ll notice a very important pattern: I promote safe, natural ways for you to heal your body, become healthier, and get more out of life. This includes eating a clean, raw diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, grains and water, getting out in the sun and exercising, and replacing junk foods with whole foods.

All of these recommendations aren’t just to make you healthy, but to keep you healthy. By keeping healthy, you may decrease your chances of developing diseases such as cervical cancer, and may not feel the need to go for testing as often.

In this video, I’ll discuss more about pap smears and the ignorance of doctors, how many women’s hygiene products are harmful, importance of diet, and ways for you to take a more positive attitude towards these tests so that they don’t have to be as nerve-racking as they once were!

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