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7 Travel Tips For A Healthy And Happy Travel Experience

Travel is so much fun and something I love doing. However there can be issues of travel that aren’t so optimal for your health, so I wanted to share some of my favourite tips that make the travel experience more healthy and overall a more enjoyable.

Essential Oils To Relax You And Deodorise The Plane Air

Number 1 is taking essential oils.

Rachelle and I use essential oils of lavender and lemon. These are perfect for deodorising the air on the plane and lavender is super relaxing to help you sleep.

When you’re sitting on that plane with nasty smells, put a few drops of oil on your hands and rub them together to heat up the oil. It’ll literally freshen the air so you can actually breath.

It’s so good the people sitting around you will probably appreciated as well.

The reason I recommend lemon is because most people like it. If you are using something like peppermint some people don’t like it and complain there’s a nasty smell then you get in trouble from the flight attendant?

So best to keep everyone happy.

Hydrate With A Spritzer

Number 2 its a spritzer.

The air on the plane is really dry.

A little spray bottle filled with plain water will help put some moisture back in the air and your skin. Add some essential oils to your liking and spray it on your face and your body. Spray it all around the place to make it all nice, happy and lovely.

Bring A Safety Mask To Wear When They Spray The Cabin Before Landing

Number 3 is a safety mask.

Depending on where you travel in the world sometimes they spray the cabin before the plane lands. It’s normally nasty antibiotic or pesticide containing stuff and kills all the bugs in the plane.

But it can kill all the good bugs inside of us too, plus you don’t want your lungs to be full of this, so I recommend maybe you just buy one of those simple protective masks.

When they come spraying that stuff put it on! After 10 to 15 minutes within spraying all the stuff will settle and then you’ll probably be okay to remove the mask or you can wear it until you get off the plane.

Drink Plenty Of Water On The Plane

Number 4 is water.

When you travel, hydrating yourself is so important, as the air in the plan is super drying.

The sad part is sometimes just before you get on the plane they take all your water bottles!! Half the struggle is then trying to get enough water to drink.

Don’t be shy, just bug the flight attendant for four glasses of water at least every hour. It will make a big difference.

Travel Exercises To Boost Your Circulation

Number 5 is exercise.

Sitting in one position for hours wreaks havoc on your body.

Getting up to do some “shake and bake” exercise movements will really help. Rotate your your ankles, move your legs, walk up and down the aisle, do some squats, stretch it out.

Do whatever you have to do just to keep everything moving otherwise your joints are going to be so stiff when you arrive.

Tips To Find Healthy Food When You’re On The Go

Number 6 is food.

As we all know plane food typically isn’t very good. Basically the best thing when it comes to food and planes is just bring your own snacks.

We like to travel with Pulse and eat it whenever we can just to sustain ourselves nutritionally. Snacks like fresh fruit are always the best as they are so hydrating and good for the digestive system.

Otherwise pack some snack foods like nuts to keep you going. If it’s a short flight and you couldn’t pick up anything prior, just do without. Like a mini fast, just drink water and eat on arrival.

When you’re at your destination I recommend trying to have fruit for breakfast so you know you’re off to a good start for the day. We all like to try different foods when we travel and enjoy the experiences of going out for lunch and dinner, so it’s kind of easier to make sure you have a healthy breakfast.

Find a place that sells local fresh fruit like cherries or strawberries or blueberries or mangos or apples or whatever fruit is available and buy as much as you can! Just inundate yourself with the local fruit full of anti-oxidants. Local foods will offer some protection against local germs also which will keep you from getting sick.

Detoxification To Keep You In Flow

Number 7 is detoxification.

When you travel detoxification is so important. You’re in different environments, eating different foods, different time zones, so here’s how to help your body out.

Up until 12 noon your body is in detoxification mode, so support this process by drinking plenty of water, maybe with a little lemon and salt if you can. Anything to help you poo, pee, sweat more is going to be good in cleaning you out: going for a walk, sweating in the hotel sauna (if you have one) and deep breathing while you exercise.

Those are the most optimal things you can do everyday. If you’re really looking after yourself then you can probably get away with maybe eating some of the foods that aren’t so good occasionally.

My wife always packs an enema kit and if either of us feel backed up during our travels we use it just clean everything out. This way you can avoid all kinds of sickness by keeping the digestive system moving a couple of times a day. Ideally do this everyday but even a couple of times every couple of day is going to help.

Those are my 7 travel tips of things that will help you have a healthy happy and amazing travel experience!


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