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A Natural Skin Care Regime To Solve Skin Problems For Good


What if the greatest beauty products that you could possibly buy are not things you put on your body externally, but completely natural skin care that you put in your body internally? Yep, I said IN your body.

In the beauty industry there is a lot of focus on putting things on our skin to ‘fix’ certain problems. Well, I’m here to say that whatever is happening with your skin, on your face, is actually a sign of something happening deeper in your body.

And the best way to get clearer skin is to clean and nourish your insides. This is what natural skin care is really all about – reading your skin to see the body’s needs and then cleansing and nourishing our organs.

What’s Your Facial Skin Saying About Your Health?

The entire body is a reflex organism. What does that mean?

Well in reflexology treatments somebody can push on a little part of your foot, and it actually affects one of the organs internally. This same idea of reflexology works with your face. Your face is an actual reflex of what’s going on internally.

You may have seen charts of the face and which areas of the body each part is linked to. I’ve included my one below in this post.

These charts go back to ancient Egypt and ancient China, where brilliant people knew that different parts of the face actually represent internal organs. Let’s take a look at “reflexology for your face” and what your face is saying about your body…

What Are Dark Bags Under Your Eyes Saying + How To Fix It

Do you have dark bags or lines under your eyes?

The area around your eyes is directly linked to your kidneys. So if your kidneys become toxic from excess foreign protein or from dehydration for example, this can cause your kidneys to degrade and the result is you’re going to start to see bags or darkness under your eyes.

A lot of people might think, “I’m just getting older, so I’m getting these lines or this darkness showing up. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know how to get rid of it.”

Natural Skin Care

Are Your Crows Feet Telling You Something About Your Liver?

The lines that appear on the outer edge of the eye, called crows feet, are directly related to the liver. You will begin to see these lines go away if you heal your liver by doing the basics: eating a clean diet, avoiding high fats (which shuts your liver down) and exercising. Also important to support your liver, which can be done by using lemon juice and dandelion tea.

People who are older, and already have the lines, can do a digestive cleanse, like an extended juice fast, and will probably notice a big difference in those lines fading out.

Healing Your Stomach May Give You Clearer, Smoother, Skin On Your Cheeks

The cheek area is directly related to the stomach. What that means is if all of a sudden you had some acne or some weird rash or even broken capillaries and things appearing on your cheeks, that would mean that your stomach needs some TLC.

By healing the stomach, that stuff goes away.

The Stories Behind Your Jawline, Chin and Nose

The chin and jawline represents the lungs. The area around the chin represents the reproductive system.

I know a lot of women when they are pregnant will break out in acne on their chin because there’s stress in the reproductive system area. The nose represents the heart.

The Link Between Your Digestion And Your Skin

The forehead represents the digestive system and the lips represent the stomach and the colon. So what’s going on with your lips? Are they dry? Are they cracked? Do you have canker sores? Do you have weird bumps showing up?

It’s a direct reflection of what’s going on inside of your own digestive system. If you have some issues in these areas, I’d recommend doing some digestive cleansing, looking at your diet, your lifestyle. What are you eating that could be causing some of these signs?

It’s all screaming out. “Hey, there’s something wrong! There’s something going on!”

If we learn the signs and signals we can really get on top of things quickly, and we’ll know when our bodies are becoming toxic or congested or having some of these issues.

I believe it’s really important to know this because every time you look at someone’s face I can see if they have digestive congestion. I can see if their endocrine system is overworked from maybe a pathogen or bacteria because certain areas in the face raise up. There’s a lot of really cool things to know.

The Best Beauty Treatments Don’t Come From A Salon

People put on creams all day long, and the creams may have a small effect, but really the most profound beauty product that you could have is fresh squeezed juices or fresh smoothies and detoxifying your body. It all comes down to getting rid of an accumulation of toxicity and adding a massive amount of nutrition at the same time.

And that’s what juices do. They detoxify the body and add a massive quantity of concentrated antioxidants (like lycopene, carotene, anthocyanin), that deal with free radical stress and toxicity within the body. They build the blood and contain vitamins, minerals, and even microfibres that come into the body and act like scrubber brushes cleaning everything out.

All of these things contribute towards anti-aging in the body.

Holistic Natural Skin Care Is About Lifestyle

Moderate sun exposure gives you enough vitamin D3. Active D3 from the sunshine is a hormone that allows all the other hormones to work properly. And what do hormones do? They help the entire body to communicate, so your organs start to heal themselves. Active D3 is one of the most profound things for preventing cancer and for creating overall health.

By ‘moderate’, I mean developing a tan slowly (without burning yourself) and without using toxic chemical sunscreens. You can read more about how to be sun safe naturally HERE.

So before spending loads of money on expensive face creams or treatments, do a little bit of research into how to reverse the signs of ageing naturally and to heal your internal organs at the same time.

If you want to learn more about how to make your own natural personal care products check out my Heal Thy Self Express Workshops.

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