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Advanced Fasting Guide to Optimal Healing and Rejuvenation

Fasting is hands down one of THE BEST things you can do yourself…

It’s an act of self love for your body.

Now even though fasting is natural and fundamentally quite simple, there is an art to it.

In this webclass, I’ll be sharing with you advanced tips when it comes to water fasting and how to navigate through this experience.

I’m sharing decades of experience from fasting myself and facilitating retreats.

I guarantee you’ll learn something new whether you’re a beginner or a fasting veteran ????


  • The different stages of fasting
  • How to fast while your working
  • How to navigate when “stuff” comes up
  • What to do when you feel toxic
  • What else you can do to go deeper whilst fasting
  • How to know if you should stop
  • The length of a fast for different conditions
  • Daily routine for optimal fasting + healing
  • Advanced awareness surrounding healing

Happy fasting!

Thanks for reading!

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