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Alternative Health Care And The Truth About Modern Health

To get things rolling, I feel it’s important to share with you the TRUTH about modern health lies and also shine light on how alternative health care is actually the only REAL health care.

There is a lot of detrimental, misinformation going around in Western society which thankfully, a lot of us are beginning to wake up to.

I’ve dedicated my life to researching and discovering the right ways to live my life healthily, and during the course of my research I have unravelled many surprising and frightening truths.

Did you know that the majority of diseases are actually preventable? Not through new drugs or medical breakthroughs, but through simple lifestyle choices, such as diet and exercise.

Many of today’s modern medicines serve as a bandaid to the symptoms but do not address the real problem, rather than an effective cure. Some modern medicines, while fixing one symptom, actually cause many others over time.

It’s this tit-for-tat nature of treating modern diseases which ironically, has made us all a lot more sick. This isn’t some wacky conspiracy, this is industry-backed research by the Institute of Cancer Research.

Check out the “Modern Health Lies and Ancient Health Truths” video above to improve your knowledge and to help you make better, more informed, healthy choices.



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