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Alternative Therapies For Healing Disease – Fasting and Wholefoods

Different cancers occur for different reasons. Sometimes, people have a predisposition to cancers, such as breast or colon. Other times, cancer can occur due to a deficient diet or poor lifestyle choices, such as drinking, smoking, and eating unnatural processed foods. In the case of predispotary cancers, people need to adjust their diets to reflect whatever potential problem may occur down the line.

If for example, someone has a predisposition to liver cancer, then avoiding foods and liquids which are taxing on the liver’s ability to function is advised. This might sound logical to you, but it’s crazy how many people don’t take these precautionary measures – even when their life is at stake!

According to the American Cancer Society, two thirds of cancer can be avoided by simply:

  1. Not Smoking
  2. Avoiding Poor Lifestyle and Diet Choices

A natural raw food diet and moderate exercise can help you to wipe out two thirds of all cancer triggers. TWO THIRDS!

The most important thing when it comes to cancer is preparation, and preparation is found in knowledge. With the right knowledge, you’ll be better able to make healthy, informed decisions so that hopefully, the subject of cancer is a worry you never have to think about.

But there is a time when medical intervention may be required, and in this episode I’ll explain when that time may be.

I hope you enjoy this enlightening video on cancer, and appreciate the role that good health can play in preventing it.

Until next time, Conscious Lifestylers!

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