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Am I A Health Guru Or A Hypocrite? [LANGUAGE WARNING!]

There is a constant battle that goes on within us to want to do things, be more than we are, evolve into better human beings and try to be a certain way.

And trying to be that certain way all the time maybe isn’t gonna work.

So I want to share my experience about the process of evolving past perfection.

A lot of self-judgement goes through my mind when I’m out drinking sangria, like I did tonight, or eating something that’s probably not all that great because I’m this supposed “health guru.” Oh, are people going to think I’m a hypocrite because of this or that.

But the reality is, I’m a health teacher and part of that, for me, is to be fully transparent.

Absolutely, I say things and teach things and I genuinely want to share this information with the world. But I believe life is also about experimenting and trying certain things too.

I believe people can sometimes get caught up in lifestyle choices like a religion and they go all radical about it. That’s not what I want. I am not here to be radical and I don’t want to create a religion. I don’t want people to feel like they’re evil or bad because they wear sunglasses or have a drink sometimes.

You know what?… I’m really buzzed in this video! And that’s okay ????

It’s around Christmas time, we just went out to a beautiful place overlooking the ocean with my beautiful wife and daughter. I ordered some red wine sangria with chopped-up fruit in it and it tasted fantastic. So yeah, I’m a little bit buzzed!

But the whole reason for this rant is the constant battle that goes on within us.

I believe innately that as human beings, we’re meant to be pushing ourselves to continually evolve.

It’s like pushing the pendulum. The pendulum swings out to one side, and we’re like oh, isn’t this great… like when I’m fasting, I’ll go for 10 days on water, push, push, push … fasting, sunshine, meditation, breathing, cleaning my filters, etc. In those 10 days, it’s all about connection to myself and nature.

Then I come back into life, and I can guarantee that pendulum’s gonna swing the other way! It’s a natural principle of life.

But when it does, we tend to beat ourselves up. Hands up if that’s you? I know I do it at times.

We tend to say, oh I’m not good enough. I can’t do this or that. I’m a failure. I’m a piece of shit. Maybe I’m a bad person or whatever else … these thoughts that we get caught up in really take us down and it’s not helping. It actually creates an ‘us and them’ scenario, when really it’s just part of the process of evolving.

Every time I go out and fast, and I push that pendulum out, it will swing less and less when I come back into life.

Say you fast for 10 days on water for the first time, that’s a major deal! Then after it, you might go and eat McDonald’s or some other shocking type of food that you’ve been craving. You’ll no doubt beat yourself up about it. But here’s the thing, the more we do it, the more comfortable you become with it and the less that pendulum swings. You might come off a 10-day fast and have some yoghurt and honey or beautiful fresh fruit.

Sometimes I break a fast and I stuff myself with heaps and heaps of fruit because it tastes so damn good! But I know that I’m overeating and so I’m not really breaking my fast correctly. So I get down on myself about it.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

There is always going to be a level of feeling like you could be doing better, no matter what level you’re at. It’s just the way we’re programmed.

So that’s why I want to be fully transparent. Because tonight, sitting at Mosaic, I had a tempeh burger with some amazing salad and different things and that delicious tempeh burger was in a sesame seed white bun!! Sure, the tomatoes, onion and the salad was great. But you know what? I’m not going to sugar coat it, from where I’m at, it was probably not the best thing to eat.

What I’m saying is, that’s still a part of my life. I make my home a safe haven where we make everything from scratch, we eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, a lot of whole foods. But it’s also still a part of my life to go out and be a part of the world and eat some things that some people would say, oh my God, that’s absolutely unhealthy. Other people would be like, holy shit, Tyler’s got this pristine healthy lifestyle.

The reality is, I am a health teacher and I think that it’s really important in the process of being a health teacher and trying to help people move towards a healthier lifestyle, to really share what I’m going through on a daily basis as well.

So hey, if you ever feel like being a little bit naughty, put on some glasses, pull the carrot out of your ass, and come here and try a tempeh burger at Mosaic with some sangria and enjoy your time overlooking the beach.

The reality is every day is a new day.

Every day I wake up is a new day to potentially do more, have more energy, feel more clear, and push the limits of the human experience. 

My goal is to be the type of person that people can aspire to be more like, and not in an egoic way. I have my gurus too. Marcus Patrick is a guru to me. Even David Wolfe, Durianrider and Freelee Frugivore and other people that are out there in the world who are eating raw foods, eating really cleanly and living an amazing, inspiring lifestyle … I aspire to that as well.

Whether these guys are doing shit at night, which nobody knows about, I don’t actually care. That’s not any of my business. I’m happy that there are people out there who help me aspire to new levels. People who motivate me to exercise more, to eat more fresh organic fruits and vegetables and even super foods.

It’s about incorporating a lifestyle that I feel really good on.

And to have enough love for myself to say, you know what I’m gonna do this today and it might not be the best choice but that’s okay. I’m not here to hide things. I just want to be fully transparent, share what I’m doing and hope that there’s still people who can aspire to that as well.

Perfection is an illusion.

My goal in this world is to appeal to the masses — people who are stressed out, who may be living a normal life and don’t have a lot of money, sometimes living on fast foods, so I can show them how they can potentially do a little bit more and maybe aspire to a different lifestyle that can bring about a situation of a higher level of health.

Whether you want to call me a health guru or a hypocrite, that’s none of my business. At the end of the day, I’m just a guy who’s had a different experience. I’m all about sharing my experience with complete transparency in the hope that I can help other people to improve their lives as well.

If you watched or read this all the way through, God bless you. I love you and thank you.

Tyler Tolman TT

Ps. One of the best things I’ve found to move through the negative shit that comes up and actually appreciate myself more is to be surrounded by like-minded people who are passionate about the same things.

There’s a saying by Jim Rohn that goes, “You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” So, let me ask you… who do YOU want to be as we move into 2018?

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Thanks for reading!

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