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Are Over The Counter Antibiotics Destroying Your Immune System

Over the counter antibiotics have become so common place in our medical system that many people don’t think twice when they hear the word. Look deeper into the meaning of antibiotic though and some concern arises. ‘Anti’ literally means against and ‘biotic’ means life. So why would any person when sick consider taking something that is against life? I understand that the original premise of antibiotics is based on the germ theory. A germ has made you sick, hence you want to kill that germ and theoretically return to health. However in the case of antibiotics we are finding they not only kill the germ, but actually kill and suppress our own immune system and our own ability to deal with germs and disease in general.

How Antibiotics Are Harming Your Immune System

A major issue with antibiotics is that they act non discriminately against bad and good bacteria, so every time you take a course of them you are actually killing your own good bacteria and therefore weakening your own immune system. Amazingly our gut is responsible for 80% of the health of our immune system. In fact the micro-biome of the gut has recently been labeled as an organ and new profound research is showing that our own gut bacteria is the leading defence against germs, sickness, flu, viruses and many different things. Long term use of antibiotics actually leads you into a downward spiral where by killing your own gut bacteria your bodies natural defences are weakened.

The New Paradigm Of Natural Antibiotics

Luckily we are moving into a new paradigm where instead of attacking the germs, we are supporting life. We’re moving from antibiotics into probiotics which is literally means pro-life. Sounds so much better, doesn’t it! Many people are familiar with probiotics in supplement form and you probably know by now I’m very much against any type of supplements – even probiotics. There is good reason for this though because there is a natural way our body produces probiotics. When we eat fresh fruit the fermentation process of digestion actually creates certain levels of probiotics. Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha are full of probiotics. It’s also good to get some prebiotics in your diet, these act as a food source to feed and sustain your good bacteria. Onions and garlic are good examples. In fact garlic is also natures super antibiotic killing up to 99.9% viruses and bad bacteria! Simply by eating a variety of whole foods in their natural form supports this probiotic gut biome that prevents disease.

Now in times of sickness you can boost your immune system by consuming extra quantities of these natural antibiotic and probiotic rich foods. If you can’ t handle raw garlic alone try mashing it up and mixing with sauerkraut. This provides plenty of probiotics and helps build the immune system and most likely knock out the germs or viruses you’re dealing with.

Super Boost Your Immune System

Recent studies from University of California, showed that 3 days of fasting completely regenerates and restarts the immune system! The old way of going about things with pharmaceutical drugs and trying to fight and poison yourself during the process of trying to get better needs to go away and be replaced by the new science (yet ancient practice) of fasting. Every animal on the planet fasts when it gets sick. Fasting literally is natures ultimate way to heal.

Prevention is always better than cure. Eat a diet of fresh whole foods every day including a regular intake of fermented probiotic foods and you’ll build your immune system to a level where it can defend on its own better than ever before. The way to go is to support your immune system rather than attack and suppress it.

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