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Attitude Of Gratitude: How To Transform Your Life In A Moment

I wanna share with you a secret that can revolutionise your life right now if you chose to use it, and that is the attitude of gratitude. I’ve heard great individuals say, “find gratitude in every moment,” and sometimes it really sounds cheesy.  But the reality is, there is always something that we can be grateful for in every moment. I believe that everything that happens to us can be a blessing. Just think about things that happen to you daily.

How To Transform Frustration Into An Attitude Of Gratitude

I’ll share something personal with you now. I live in Bali, Indonesia, and sometimes going shopping can be a painful experience. What I mean by that, is that the process itself is very slow. It’s a beautiful process actually, but being from the West, I’m used to just ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, give my credit card, and go. And so, in these moments when there’s a big line and the teller is really slow, I start to get frustrated. But, I’ve started to identify these moments when I feel a little bit angry or I feel just a little bit out of sorts. And I see them as an opportunity to stop, take a deep breath and find gratitude in that moment.

In that moment I know I can chose to be stressed and frustrated.  I can make everybody know that by trying to hurry the the process up, but it’s probably not going to do any good (in fact, it will probably just make the situation worse). Another thing I can do is be really present and find gratitude in that moment.

What does that look like? Well, maybe I can find gratitude for the process itself, for observing another culture or taking the opportunity to practice one of my breathing exercises. It may be an opportunity to turn off my phone and just be present and feel good and at peace. Maybe I can be grateful for being stuck in line, so I can answer some of my e-mails or complete some task on my phone.

Whatever it is, I think that just acknowledging the fact that we’re frustrated is a great trigger shift focus on what we can be grateful for. You may be in the middle of an argument and then ask yourself this question, “What can I be grateful for?” All of a sudden, you may realize that the argument you are having is actually not a big deal, that you’re grateful the situation is not even worse, or that you realise how you actually deeply care for the person you are arguing with.

I’m sure you’ll get plenty of answers when you tune into what you’re grateful for.  You may shout that you are grateful for being alive, having your family back home, for the opportunity to be here, or just for breathing and finding yourself more in a present state of awareness. Then your attitude for gratitude really kicks in.

How You Can Turn Everyday Situations Into An Opportunity To Be Grateful

What I’ve found to be my ‘triggers’ for getting into my ‘attitude for gratitude’ state are those moments when I feel frustrated, angry, and when I feel that things aren’t going my way. These are all the opportunities to show up differently. Blessings in disguise if you use them correctly.

It’s a reminder for me to  ask myself, “Instead of reacting the way I would normally react, how can I show up differently?” And I’ve started to believe that this kind of approach to my frustrations will perhaps start to change my own reality so much that I won’t become frustrated in that area anymore.

When you find yourself in similar situations, I want you to ask yourselves, “How is that really going to bless my life? How is that going to create healing and peace for myself?” I’ll tell you – it’s going to do it in a fantastic way.

Attitude Of Gratitude Works Best When You Keep It Simple

I find when I really get back to the simple things in life, like when I’m on a fast, gratitude just starts to flow. I guess it’s the mental clarity. I just become so grateful for my body going through all these processes. Grateful I can move, run, jump, exercise. Grateful for water. Grateful for air. Grateful to be alive.

You’ll notice as soon as you start to be grateful, joy follows. It’s a beautiful thing. So try it!

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Enjoy this practice.


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