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Be Your Own Doctor And Heal Thyself

To be your own doctor, and know how to heal thyself, is a basic human right.

This is the kind of health care where we go back to the source for solutions rather than the ‘cut, burn and poison’ mentality that has taken over. To become our own doctors is a new paradigm in health where we become empowered to nurture and look after ourselves.

I have been immensely privileged to be able to witness the power of the body’s own healing ability from a young age.

Since I was 13 I have watched my father and healer, Don Tolman, help people with all kinds of illnesses return to health. Illnesses that were considered terminal like Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes. The kind of cases where I thought without a doubt many of those people would die.

Yet somehow they turned it all around and I would see them year after year in better health, often healthier than they were before they got the disease. The most amazing part was seeing no pharmaceutical drugs being used, simply a return to the ancient ways of healing.

In so many ways I’ve been witnessing a ‘back to the future’ of healthcare.

Seeing Is Believing

It’s been nearly 25 years of seeing miracles.

For the last 5 years I have personally been running health retreats with people from around the world coming here to heal from all different kinds of Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes Type 1 & 2, Lyme Disease etc and many people coming just to experience a fast and to get to KNOW THYSELF.

It’s incredible how much I am learning through each individual’s healing journey. I can say that I am seeing massive progress and understanding more and more about dealing with dis-ease from a wholistic perspective. Wholistic for me means healing at all levels… Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual. All I can say is that I see miracles happen all the time, especially when someone really wants to live and heal themselves.

When you experience something first hand again and again you start to know it’s the truth. People have been mocking me for my beliefs the last few years.

But now the scientific research is catching up and getting harder to ignore. More and more studies are coming out about the miraculous effects fasting and whole foods have on our bodies. The findings on the benefits of fasting are incredible, a principle discovery being that during the fasting state the body has the ability to produce stem cells. These stem cells rebuild and repair organs and tissue, they have the ability to improve intelligence, and fasting also has the ability to self digest (autolyse) tumors, cysts, cancer cells and even viruses.

Ignoring The Obvious

The evidence behind fasting is stacking up with continual confirmation of many people reversing the symptoms of and healing themselves of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, lyme, psoriasis, motor neurone disease, MS and so much more.  Yet still there are so many skeptics who for some reason continue to reject this information or just make it out to be “voodoo”.

Why the denial I ask?

Well unfortunately in this society the way of doctors and pharmaceuticals rule despite many of their ‘treatment’ techniques hindering our health.

Think about it, if it’s not CUT, BURN or POISON you won’t hear of it and so called ‘alternative’ medicine (the original medicine!) is often knocked down as quackery.  Think about any disease that gets treated today, they literally can only do 3 things. CUT (surgery) BURN (radiation) or POISON (pharmaceutical drugs and chemo etc). They say this is truly the only way to treat disease.

Well, I call BULLSHIT!!  It’s really the only way to make $$ from your sickness and you will have to keep going back for more. What a great SYSTEM… NOT!

A New Paradigm

We have been cut, burned and poisoned long enough and it’s time to start educating and trusting ourselves. The only thing that has EVER healed an individual is their own bodily systems!!

The absolute best way to support self healing is letting whole plant based foods, herbs, essential oils, original techniques to support elimination and fasting be our medicine. It’s a fact that every mammal on the planet “FASTS” when it gets sick or injured.

Why? Simple, it works.

Humans on the other hand often get in their own way of healing through suppressing their immune system by using pharmaceuticals, eating the wrong food and not resting. I find this is the very reason we have so much sickness and disease in the world today.

Trust your own body and Mother Nature and they will take care of you. Support the systems of elimination, nourish yourself and watch the MIRACLES UNFOLD BEFORE YOU. Get back to basics and become your own Doctor.

Leading The Way

This is not to say that there aren’t doctors out there in the medical profession doing good work. I want to share a selection of some of the leading integrated doctors in the world taking on the whole food approach and seeing miracles happen every day in the healing of their patients.

Dr. Neal Bernard (Head of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) has a book called “The Cancer Survival Guide” and is having massive success with a PBWF (Plant Based Whole Food) diet.

Dr. Esselstyn is also seeing results with his heart disease patients. Those who are willing to follow a PBWF diet are reversing their heart disease and returning to good health.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens has decades of experience in working with diabetics. On his programme of an 80% Raw PBWF diet his patients are reversing type 1 and 2 diabetes.

Dr. T Colin Campbell has conducted the largest studies ever carried out on human nutrition known as “THE CHINA STUDY.” He’s published his findings on how he is helping to reverse cancer as well as showing how tumors can be reduced through a YES you guessed it a PBWF diet!

Be Your Own Doctor

All I want is for people to see this latest research and apply these principles to their own life to truly experience divine health. Because when more of us do so we will change SHIT!! Get back to the original wisdom and follow the present science of how to heal your body.



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