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Breaking A Juice Fast In The Most Optimal Way

I know you have already started to feel amazing on your juice fast, but you are probably wondering about the best way to break this fast.

If you start smothering your body with all that junk food, you will probably feel sick. So, the period after the fast is also important if you want to really experience all the benefits of the fast.

What I believe is the best way to break a juice fast is to really go into a fresh fruit market and look at what’s in season.

Let your body tell you what it is attracted to. Maybe it’s mango, avocado, or tomato. Whatever your body needs, I think the most optimal way to do this is to pick one food and focus on it.

Let Food Feed You Mentally

What I want all of you to keep in mind is that when we go through this process of fasting, we first feed ourselves mentally, energetically, emotionally, and then physically.

Some time ago, when I was on an extended juice fast and decided to break it, I remember I was just looking at a tomato and thinking that all I want was just a taste of the tomato with some salt.

You will notice how your approach to food changes. I was sitting there, looking at that juicy, nice, heirloom tomato and started thinking how the tomato grows into a plant, what it is good for, etc.

I also started noticing its shape, size, and colour. It reminded me of the heart. It also has four chambers, and according to science is proven to be good for my heart and the circulatory system.

This is how we mentally feed ourselves with food.

Feed Your Energy Body

Then, I would go on and cut the tomato really slowly, so I would start salivating. This process of salivation is really important because it has the enzymes that will actually break down the components in that food based only on the smell.

It’s absolutely brilliant.

So, the next thing I do is smelling the food. It’s really important to take your time to smell your food because this prepares the digestive enzymes in your stomach and supports salivation. And most importantly, this whole thing is feeding your energy body.

I’ve seen so many people going through this amazing process. On one of my retreats, I took people on extended water fasts up to 40 days, and I could see that when they break the fast, they start to feel energy just from smelling food.

So, let the food feed your mental and energy body.

Experience Your Food Emotionally

Now, take that food and put it in your mouth and really just chew it up and feel the sensations. This is the moment when you may feel some gratitude, have an intention or think about the kind of healing or beautiful things you want to attract in your life. Experiencing this flavour will feed your emotional body.

I’ve seen people in the state of orgasmic bliss, and some even release emotions and literally come to tears and cry when breaking the fast with mango, papaya, watermelon, any exotic fruit, or even just an avocado with some salt. These are really amazing experiences.

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Getting Back On Track

Once you do this, you can eat as much as you like and really fill yourself up. You can have five meals a day but focus on simplicity until your digestive system is getting full and you start to have bowel movements again.

This may be a bit funky for the first couple of days, but don’t freak out. Your digestive system (by the way, there is 30 feet there) needs to be filled back up before you start having solid bowel movements.

As your digestive system is feeling full, you can add back in a variety of fruits or solids.

By day two or three you may have a soup, for example, but this depends on how you feel and how everything is moving. Sometimes, you may feel sick even when you have something fresh. If that happens, don’t panic – just cut it back and slow down the whole process.

Hope that helps. Thank you for reading and sharing.

Enjoy your fasting,

Thanks for reading!

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