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Can Womens Orgasms Make Them More Intelligent

One of the seven principles of health that I talk about is Relationships, and that includes the sexual relationship we have with our partner.

All humans have sexual needs that have to be met. Sex nourishes our bodies on many different levels physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I believe men and woman should both have orgasms first thing every morning, and that if this happened we would all live in a much happier stress free world. Many women are living in hysteria, a nervous irritated energy that’s making them feel crazy.

Orgasms relieve this energy, it’s natures way.

The female orgasm has always been seen as a more mysterious phenomenon and traditionally has had fewer studies done it than male orgasms, but the findings coming out now about female orgasms are extraordinary.

One study used an MRI scan to monitor the brain activity of a woman during an orgasm. Seeing how this effects her brain is just beautiful, and if we allow this process of orgasm to happen we would experience life with much more flow.

Any woman who’s experienced an orgasm probably doesn’t need science to explain how good it makes her feel! But this study using an MRI video explains a little bit more about the benefits of the female orgasm on the brain. The MRI showed that over 80 different parts of the brain were affected, much more than a few isolated areas which scientists expected.

When a woman orgasms its not just fireworks in the bedroom, but fireworks in her brain.

The pleasure centres in the brain light up first. Then this activity quickly spreads like a wave effecting almost the whole brain including the areas that relate to memory and emotions. At the peak of the orgasm, the cuddle hormone ‘oxytocin’ is released. All the areas affected enjoy the benefits of increased blood flow, bringing oxygen and nutrients to nourish these areas.

They found the brain was most active during orgasms and in this state of activation, full of blood and oxygen it seems to me that orgasms can then increase intelligence. Sounds like a win win situation to me!

I recommend you watch the video of the MRI scan in the link below.

‘A brain symphony’: First MRI scan video of female orgasm shows how activity lights up EVERY region of the brain

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