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Doctrine of Signatures: Clues to Find the Best Foods to Eat

Today, I want to show you a way to find the best foods to eat to nourish each body part.

Most of you have heard me talk about “The Doctrine Of Signatures”. It’s­ the wisdom that different foods look like different organs of the body.

This is a philosophy that was known and taught in ancient Egypt and by many other cultures. My father re­-learned this from native Americans, and it was also publicly re­popularized by Paracelsus, a Swiss physician.

How The Doctrine Of Signatures Works To Find The Best Foods To Eat

As an example, a carrot looks like the iris of the eyes when you cut it open, and many studies show it improves blood flow to you eyes and prevents macular degeneration.

Another example is how a tomato looks like a heart with four chambers, it is red, and the size of the heart. The American heart foundation says its the best food for your heart because of its lycopene content.

If you take a look at a celery stick, you’ll see that it is shaped like the bones and thus prevents osteoporosis, builds strong bones, and increases body mass.

It has a high level of sodium in similar proportions to our bones, which is the basic building block for calcium. (Think of how salt water in the ocean and sunshine produce coral calcium.)

A walnut looks exactly like the brain, from the husk that looks like the skin to the shell which is like the skull. The left and right ‘hemispheres’ and other parts look identical as well.

Baylor university has found omega 3­6­9’s in walnuts that cross the blood brain barrier and enhance brain function. These fats are also perfect for growth and repair.

I talk about many other examples in other blog posts such as which foods are best for improving eye sightreducing stress, having a healthy pregnancy, and improving erectile dysfunction.


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