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Essential Oils As Medicines

I know a lot of people ask "do essential oils work?". As you guys know I’m a big fan of natural medicines, and that includes essential oils.

One of the many reasons why I like essential oils so much is their holistic healing effect. They work on us at all levels. Not just physcially but mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.

So How Do They Work?

Well when you inhale an esential oil is has an effect in the limbic part of your brain (especially the hypothalamus).

The limbic system controls physcial, psychological and emotional responses in reaction to what’s happening in the envirionment around you.

So when you inhale an oil through your nasal passages you are acessing the brain straight away and triggering the limbic centre sending a signal to help balance our body, mind, emotions really quickly!

The Science Behind Oils As Medicines

I’ve written a few articles on the benefits of ingesting therapuetic grade frankincence and how it helps with everything from digestion to fighting against cancer cells. But inhaling frankinsence also has amazing results. It’s been shown to increase oxgyen levels in the brain by up to 28! The knock on effects of that are amazing including balancing emotions, increased learning, immune function, hormone balance…the list goes on!

As I hightlighted in my franskinsence articles, one of the best things about essential oils is the lack of side effects. This is a major benefit over pharmaceutical treatments.

It’s really key that you use therapeutic grade oils to ensure that you aren’t inhaling anything that may have impurities, such links to non-organic soil.

Enjoy using oils as a safe natural way to bring your body back to balance.


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