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Evolution Of Humans And The Human Experience – Raising Our Vibration

New Year’s Nutrition for Raising Vibration

The evolution of humans and the human experience begins with “Raising Vibration”, which is a common catch phrase in modern spirituality, but what exactly does it mean and how can we achieve it?

My contribution to this conversation is sharing how I believe taking the physical body to greater health also opens the mind to higher consciousness.

That’s where I want to go in 2015 and where I hope we all may be heading as a human collective. The place to start is raising vibration with what we take directly into our bodies: sunshine, air, and food.

Nutrition and Knowledge from Light

Modern technology has advanced to the point that we transmit information with light through fiber optics and at the speed of light. Well, the ancient cultures also realized that light contains information, and they recognized the sun as the highest source of light.

They didn’t actually worship the sun—that is false—but they believed the sun was a physical manifestation of the all-powerful, indefinable creator and source of ultimate consciousness. The Egyptians called it Ra.

For thousands of years, Egyptians would watch the sun rise each morning to directly take in knowledge and enlightenment.

My father, Don Tolman, advocates sun gazing in the early mornings and late evenings, when the sun is low over the horizon and in an infrared state (low vibration on the light scale). There are no ultraviolet rays (harmful, high vibration) during that early and late hour, so you can actually look directly at the sun.

Dad calls it a “nutritive-dense brain snack.” (Begin sun gazing only for very short periods, and increase time as your personal vibration increases.) All life on earth thrives on infrared rays, including plants, which grow five to ten times faster in that vibration.

What a shame that we’ve been brainwashed to think we should stay out of the sun or cover up with clothes and chemical sunscreens.

Every cell of our skin is a solar panel designed to process nutrients when stimulated by sunlight. Vitamin D absorbed through sunlight produces essential hormones to balance many bodily functions.

Our hands, especially, have blood close the surface, and I believe our blood can likely be purified with sunlight (just as modern technology uses UV rays to purify water).

I think that’s why we see pictures from ancient Egypt with people holding their open palms up toward the sun.

Deep and Profound Breathing

In ancient creation myths, atmosphere came into being after light.

So deep, conscious breathing is next on the vibration scale for promoting health and enlightenment.

Deliberate, rhythmic breathing—especially combined with meditation—can reset your internal clockwork, combat depression, and open the brain to connect with divine consciousness.

I believe the divine is ultimately within us. When we take in plenty of light and air, we start to unlock the essence of who we really are, all of the information contained in our DNA. It’s just a matter of accessing what is already there—peeling back the denser layers of our physical matter to reveal our lighter, higher spiritual being.

Light Frequencies in Food

Just below the physical frequencies of light and air are denser liquids and solids—the stuff we drink and eat.

At least 50 percent of our bodies is made of water, so hydrating with plenty of pure, clean H2O is a no-brainer for our bodies and brains to operate at peak efficiency. Other liquids—like cold-pressed juices recommended in juice fasting—bring a super concentration of minerals and vitamins into our bodies.

At the same time, our digestive systems move into detox mode. Juice fasting is a quick way to temporarily jump up several vibration levels. When we detoxify at that level, we can transition better back down to an improved, whole foods diet.

Moving further down the density scale, plant matter comes after pure minerals and vitamins. Plants have the highest vibration energy of the whole foods we can consume.

Why? Plants produce their own food through photosynthesis—that is, directly from higher vibrations in water, air, and sunlight.

Within vegetables and fruits we find all the visible colours of the light spectrum.

Starting at the lowest colour vibration, we have red, which science calls lycopene. The American Heart Association says that red tomatoes are the best food for the heart and circulatory system.

Moving up in light frequency, we find orange, or carotene—an amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agent. We could discuss many other nutritional properties as we ascend the colour spectrum to yellow, green, blue, and violet foods. Blueberries, for example, are chock full of anthocyanins—antioxidants and phytonutrients for healing and building the body and brain.

So, if we want to increase our own vibration energy, we need to eat whole, raw foods—literally Ra, or foods containing the colours of light. I believe we actually download messages of wisdom and knowledge into our consciousness through natural foods.

But when we eat animals, we’re taking another step away from light on the vibration ladder.

Still, even people who do eat meat usually consume only animals that are themselves plant eaters. We are naturally disgusted at the thought of eating animals that eat other animals—they are much denser material.

Basic Principles of Life

In 2015 my own personal goal and challenge to you is consistent, daily practice of the Seven Basic Principles of Life. I’ve touched on only a few. They are:

  1. Sunshine
  2. Air
  3. Water
  4. Exercise
  5. Whole foods
  6. Healthy relationships
  7. Personal passion or life mission

When I raise my own vibration with the first five practices, I come to realize that my relationships are an external manifestation of what is happening with me internally. And if I’m in harmony with those around me and engaged in my personal mission in life, everything falls into place—energy, vitality, health, and happiness.

Raising vibration is ultimately about creating the next Renaissance of human consciousness. Be sure to watch the video, Evolution of the Human Experience, for more on my personal philosophy and vision of the future.


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