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Frankincense Oil Uses: Ways To Use This Ancient Potent Healer In Your Home Everyday

Recently I’ve been learning more and more about frankincense oil uses and wanted to share some of the information I’ve been coming across. As you guys might know I’m really interested in what the ancients used for healing and nutrition and frankincense features heavily in a lot of their scriptures.

Frankincense The Tree Of Life

The word frankincense means free or pure and frankincense comes from ancient trees (Boswellia Sacra) that grown in barren parts of Oman in the middle east. These trees grow to over 100 years in harsh conditions so are known locally as the tree of life. Frankincense is the resin collected from under the bark of these amazing ancient trees.

Frankincense was more valuable that gold in these times as it was used for so many purposes from everyday healing, high end cosmetics and as a spiritual gateway to the gods. Many ancient cultures believed that Frankincense helped them access a higher state of consciousness and used it to please their gods, such as in Ancient Egypt where frankincense was connected to the Sun God Ra. It was an important part of their worshipping and rituals and also used in purifying the body and mind. In ancient Greek and Roman cultures the smoke from burning frankincense resin was used to treat almost any disease and increase the flow of vital force in the body.

The Science Behind The Benefits of Frankincense

The science coming out now totally sheds some light on the mysterious healing qualities of frankincense. It’s benefits are so effective against so many different conditions because it’s reduces inflammation, it’s anti-viral and anti-microbial, destroys cancer, increases spiritual awareness, immune booster, improves circulation, improves anxiety, heals skin and reduces acne and scarring! Pretty awesome stuff!

Basically frankincense boosts the immune system like nothing else by increasing white blood cells which are the body’s first line of defence and reducing inflammation. Inflammation is basically the root cause of so many diseases. Basically anything condition with an ‘itis’ as the end is inflammation based. Arthritis, bronchitis,gastritis, laryngitis, colitis, and so many more.

Everyday Use Of Frankincense To Treat A Variety Of Health Conditions

Frankincense oil can be used everyday to stimulate digestion, improve blood circulation, heal wounds and as an immune booster against getting coughs and colds. Research from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem also showed how burning frankincense could alleviate anxiety and depression by activating ion channels in the brain. Other research is showing how it can even be beneficial in treating cancer. It seems like the benefits are endless!

To gain the benefits at home you can take a few essential oil drops under your tongue or with some honey or diluted in water. Topically add a few drops in a carrier oil such as coconut oil, which is also perfect for oil pulling as frankincense is great for the health of your gums. Really high quality frankincense you can actually chew it like a gum and it helps strengthen the gums’ hold on the teeth.

One of my favourite ways to use frankincense is to burn the resins in my room to help me relax before going to bed. Also sets a good mood and clears old energy in the bedroom at night? Just take a look online to buy the frankincense oil or the resin and start getting the benefits of this ancient medicine.

More information here: http://www.mermadearts.com/article_info.php?articles_id=12

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