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Get Beyond The Materialistic Way Of Thinking

So many people have started saying that it’s your brain or nervous system who is the greatest pharmacist.

Whilst it can be helpful to think that it’s not completely true. It’s actually your Astral body that is the greatest pharmacist and inner transformer combined with the power of your I.

So it is when your I which is one of your higher spiritual members, makes a decision to change how you think, how you feel and how you act that the real lasting change can occurs not just in your health but in your soul.

And it’s not just an emotional trauma that activates an illness but also a predisposition to it.

So then the question occurs why do some people seem to get ill from being outside in the cold and others eat unhealthy for years, experience immense trauma, are under constant stress and hardly ever get sick?

If we really want to understand that than we have to open our minds to the possibility that maybe this illness was brought from other lives as a compensation for other actions and is here to make us grow. Maybe not all illnesses come from previous lives, as many of us tend to be great at creating dramas, but a lot do. Especially if you start to understand how our energy bodies work.

If we only think of things as physical then when the pain releases and the issue disappears we stop working on ourselves. When we actually start to understand the Astral body, then we thank the illness for assisting us to start the journey and continue transforming in a way that is truly lasting.

For those who truly desire to understand more I encourage you to start asking questions and discovering what is the role of the Astral body, what is the role of the Etheric, what is the role of the I. Where does the mental and emotional bodies fit into this.

What is my soul? What happens in between lives - how do I work with Higher beings to create a physical body and a temperament that will work for me in this life? What does it mean to have a purpose. (Which is not a job description but an opportunity to live your life based on what would be the most beneficial for your soul to evolve!)

I’m constantly encouraging people to think deeper, to awaken out of the slumber that the media and the constant focus on survival puts us in.

We are so much more profound then what we give ourselves the possibility to explore.

Everything becomes easier when we begin to understand it.

I feel it’s my mission to wake as many people up as are ready.

A lot of these we will be exploring in details in our live workshops in Brisbane and Perth next year.

This information combined with powerful healing processes can truly change how you think, feel, live, eat, sleep, connect with others and experience life!

Love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks For Reading!

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