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Get Healthy Stay Healthy – Be Your Own Doctor

One of the many benefits of getting into a healthy lifestyle is feeling empowered about your own health. By being your own doctor you can get healthy & stay healthy. Imagine if when you feel ‘unwell’ you could tune into what your body is trying to tell you with specific tools and know how to heal the situation yourself.

To be your own doctor is really a basic human necessity. Often our first port of call when we are ‘sick’ is to go to a doctor and normally receive some kind of pharmaceutical drug. I’m here to show you how to check in with yourself first and prevent ever having to go to a hospital again (except emergencies like an accident of course).

You Cannot Heal One Disease And Keep Another

The greatest thing about treating yourself naturally is that you are getting to the source of the issues. And when you go into a state of healing, everything heals. I know it’s even possible to heal things like breast cancer, other types of cancer and tumours. I know, because I’ve seen it with my own eyes many times over.

Whatever ‘dis-ease’ we are dealing with it’s a message from our body that something is not in balance. And it’s not always physical. Maybe it’s stress, emotions, or something else. But rather than using a ‘band-aid’ solution you really can get to the source of the issue.

From Toenail Fungus To Food Allergies

I’ve written articles ranging from topics like toenail funguspap smearsthrusherectile dysfunctiontooth caregum diseasedepressionhow to improve vision, varicose veinsinflammatory bowel diseasesIBS treatmenturinary tract infectionspregnancyknee cartilageparasitessleep apneaherpes and cold soreshow to get rid of moles skin tags and warts, how to treat migrainespsoriasis treatmentfood allergieshealing scarsnatural contraceptionincrease fertilitychronic fatigue. Just to name a few!

So I encourage you to search my blog, get educated and see what you can do for yourself and your family before going and taking antibiotics or some other form of drug. [If you want to know why you should avoid taking antibiotics and how to build your immune system, you can read about that HERE.]

Natural Solutions to Get Healthy & Stay Healthy

The Seven Principles of Health is the foundation of balanced holistic health. If you haven’t read about the Seven Principles, sign up for our newsletter and I’ll send you a free ebook all about it.

You’ll see from all my blog posts that the absolute best way to support self healing is through whole plant based foods, herbsessential oils, techniques to support elimination and also fasting.

It’s a fact that every mammal on the planet “FASTS” when they get sick or injured. Why? Because they instinctively know it works. When humans get sick, rather than rest we tend to suppress our immune system by using pharmaceuticals and we think we need to eat to build strength.

This couldn’t be further from the truth and actually takes energy away from the healing process to digest and eliminate food. I find this is the very reason we have so much sickness and disease in the world today. Learn to trust your own body and Mother Nature’s principles of healing and they will take care of you.

This is not to say that there aren’t doctors out there in the medical profession doing good work. There are some amazing integrative holistic doctors in the world taking on the whole food approach and seeing miracles happen every day in healing. Some of my favourites are Dr. Neal Bernard, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Dr. T Colin Campbell.

All I want is for people like you to feel empowered to listen to your own body and know how to heal and then nourish yourself when your body is out of balance. Remember the 7 Principles of Health are the foundation to get healthy and stay healthy, so always start there and remember to search the blog for articles that apply to you when things are showing up causing you to worry.


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