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Healing Cancerous Lesions On The Skin And Eliminating Them From The Body

I know often people are looking for external remedies for these kinds of things. My father has promoted lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide for age spots and sun spots. He’s also had some pretty amazing results using things like fresh aloe vera to help heal skin cancer.  Yes, you heard that right. Aloe Vera (aka The potted physician) has healed many people’s skin Cancers.

As fantastic as these external remedies can be, I think whenever you are looking at something in terms of a treatment you first really have to understand what the cause is.

Is What You’re Putting On Your Skin Causing Cancer?

Something many people put on their skin to try to avoid skin cancer is sunscreen. But let’s look at the effects of a petroleum based sunscreen. Petroleum causes a low oxygen, acidic environment and Doctor Otto Heinrich Warburg proved many years ago that it’s exactly this kind of environment that leads to cancer. So by using these types of products on our skin we’re actually creating a situation conducive for Cancer.

Look to eliminate all the toxins you’re putting on your skin and opt for natural personal care products. The sun is the leading way we obtain vitamin D which prevents cancer. It’s important to understand that sun exposure is not the problem, it’s what is happening internally. Rather than avoid the sun you should be getting out in it more often (within reason of course).

Is The Number One Cause For Cancer In Your Drinking Water?

Cancer is essentially coming from an internal condition that is typically based on a lifestyle that is exposing us to a certain levels of toxicity. Eating things that are toxic, putting things on our body that are toxic, drinking things that are toxic. (When I say toxic I mean carcinogenic.)

Dr Dean Burk from the National Cancer Institute states fluoride is the number one cause of cancer. This guy’s a doctor who’s been with the National Institute of Cancer for 35 years and I think he knows what he’s talking about! Stay away from drinking fluoridated water. Cleanse and purify any water before you drink it.

It’s not just the water, really look at your diet and lifestyle from a holistic point of view. Are you creating an alkaline environment in your body? Test your urine on a daily basis at first to see if you’re pH is acidic or alkaline. And if you’re not alkaline, well that’s part of the problem right there. To help alkalise your body make sure you’re breathing deeply, eating lots of fresh veggies, greens, fruit and hydrating yourself properly. Having all the channels of elimination working is so essential to creating an internal alkaline environment.

How Opening The Channels Of Elimination Can Help Heal Lesions On The Skin

When you see the carcinoma or basal cell carcinomas and all these different lesions that form on the skin that’s a channel of elimination of toxins within us. So we need to approach this from a holistic perspective. We need to start to do everything we can to clean the entire internal condition in the body and clean the external condition of the body. Make sure you remove all the poisons that could be causing the cancer and get yourself enough nutrition to build healthy new cells.

Doing a deep cleanse is ultimately what is required. During the fasting process your body will actually start to eliminate tumours or cancers through the process of autolysis (self-digestion). Essentially when you fast you remove your body’s supply of energy from food and so your body starts to live on tumors, cancers, cysts and other types of superfluous tissues. It basically eats them up!

After a fast, I’ve seen many people be able to clean up their skin with the addition of some aloe vera or colloidal silver where the lesions were. The skin’s ability to regenerate and heal is just amazing and through fasting you actually speed the process of regeneration as well while producing embryonic style stem cells according to the University of Southern California.

As much as there are some external remedies that can help clear cancerous lesions, a deeper holistic approach is really what is needed. It really comes down to the 7 Principles of Health: air, water, sunshine, exercise, whole foods, having positive relationships and finding our passion in life.

Focus on these things and I know you’ll find yourself in a beautiful place. Mindset and knowing you can heal yourself is also a big part of the equation. The ones I always see succeed are the ones that know they can do it from the get-go or get convinced very quickly.

Beyond this, look into some specific whole foods that have been proven to attack and eliminate cancer within 24 hours like Dandelion Root for example:






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