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Healing Mental Illness

#Healing mental illness

Mental illness and depression is becoming an out of control phenomenon, especially when your 15 year old is being taught at school that children as young as 3 are being diagnosed as having depression and ADHD and are given drugs which destroy their brain and nervous system.

Having worked with emotional challenges that people go through for half of my life, I have come to the conclusion that much of mental illness can stems from:

1. A disconnection from a true living spirituality that teaches us about every aspect of life - including what occurs between death and rebirth, what happens during sleep (which is not just for rest and revival of the physical but a profound process that connect us to the spiritual worlds. Once you learn the reality of this you will never be the same again.)

- [ ] 2. The lack of understanding of what makes up a human being. (We have been fed a devastating materialistic picture of the one physical body. If you only believe that, you will never truly grow, awaken and allow true sensitivity, intuition and aliveness to enter into your life!) It doesn’t matter how healthy your physical body appears, if you inner life is deadened you will only experience a tiny percentage of the vivaciousness you are capable of.
- [ ] 3. You have experienced trauma that is trapped inside your nervous system/Astral body and you don’t know how to release it. (If it’s released you will feel lighter and more relieved but it still won’t light the power of your soul and spirit until you start to understand who you are!)

4. The paradigm shift literally happens when you fully embrace the reality of multiple earth lives and that there are higher laws of karma, governed by higher beings who assist you in your life as much as you allow them. And you allow them to impact you as much as you know about them.(obviously we live in a duality where there is light there is also darkness. Understanding this helps to discern how to live and what to involve yourself in.)
And ofcourse if we believe in multiple earth lives we need to start to comprehend that how you live this life has a major impact on where you are born, to whom you are born to, what abilities you bring with you and in particular what health challenges into your next. Everything is inter connected.

Would love to hear your thoughts about it, how much of what I have written you have already explored? And what you feel you would like to learn about?

Thanks For Reading!

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