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Holistic Cancer Treatment – Dandelion Tea Kills Cancer Cells In Just 48 Hours

As you guys know I’m a huge proponent when it comes to holistic cancer treatment so I was super excited to stumble across a whole bunch of research on dandelion root extract (DRE) that shows how potent it is in treating cancer.

Funnily enough dandelions are those ‘weeds’ with the yellow flowers that we are always pulling out of our gardens. They grow everywhere and when something like the dandelion keeps popping up around us I think that can be natures way of going “HERE! This is what you need!” Life is always handing us everything we need. We just need to start taking notice.

Dandelion roots have been boiled up into healing teas and tonics for a very long time, but like many natural remedies they were pushed aside with the advent of synthetic chemical medicines. I love that now science is going back to these natural remedies and taking a deeper look into how they work.

Dandelion Root Extract Better Than Chemotherapy

A big downside of treatments like chemotherapy is that they are non specific in the way they work and proven to be the leading cause of secondary cancer according to the American Cancer Society. Non specific means they cause harm to healthy cells as well as cancerous ones. One of the amazing properties of DRE is that it only effects cancerous cells and several studies have been able to show this.

One study (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22647733 ) looked at the effect of DRE on autophagy in aggressive and resistant pancreatic cancer. Autophagy means to break down and literally rip apart the cancer cells. The study showed that whilst the DRE ripped apart the cancer cells it had no significant negative effect on non-cancerous cells.

University of Windsor in Canada Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry also showed DRE is specific in autophagy of only the cancer cells and saw effects within 48 hours!

This paper (vhttp://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22363452) published the effects of DRE on a form of Leukemia that has been highly resistant to treatment. The researchers remarked in their concluding statement that DRE has great potential as a non-toxic effective alternative over chemotherapy.

Was Told To Enjoy His ‘Last Days’, But Dandelion Root Tea Saved His Life

There are reports of a 72 year old man who after 3 years of aggressive chemo treatment was told by doctors there was nothing else they could do and advised him to enjoy his last days with this family. You know what… I love this guy, because he said no to that and started drinking tea from dandelion root as a ‘last hope’. According to Natural News after only 4 months this man is in cancer remission.

Not Just For Cancer, An Amazing Health Tonic That Is Easy To Make And Costs Nothing

Not only does DRE rip apart cancer cells but it nourishes the body too. It stimulates bile secretion, cleanses the liver and contains vitamin B6, thiamin, riboflavin, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin A plus iron, calcium, potassium, folic acid and magnesium.

The best thing about this is dandelion grows everywhere. You just need to dig up the root and make a tea! I definitely recommend that you first check that the soil it’s growing in doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals, then dig up the root, peel it and cut it into small pieces. From there you can steep in hot water to make a tea, or dry it out. The roots are best pulled in Autumn or Spring so it’s good to collect a heap then dry some out to save for later. To dry it out, just keep the cut up pieces of the root in a well ventilated spot that is cool and dry. Leave it there until it becomes brittle when you touch it. That will probably take around 3-14 days depending on the climate you’re in. Or if you have a dehydrator that is a brilliant way to go. Then store it in a glass jar in a cool dark place.

Excited about all the research that is still to come now that people are paying attention to natural remedies again. Remember to share this with your loved ones and let me know if you’ve had similar results.


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