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How Easy Is It To Wake Up Each Day And As Your First Thoughts

How easy is it to wake up each day and as your first thoughts to think about all you have to do and everything which is not working in your life?

In those moments of negativity
most of your healing energy that you gathered during sleep through your connection with the spiritual world, dissipates.

Victimhood can easily become a habit and a way of life if we don’t understand that every pain, every difficulty in our lives is an opportunity to wake up out of a numb slumber and use this challenge to become a stronger, deeper, wiser, more enriched soul.

So we can look at all that is not how we would love things to be in our lives - and ask- how is this difficult situation an opportunity for me to build up my inner strength, to become a better human being, to develop compassion and understanding and to progress to another level of inner flexibility and wisdom????

Just as a thought here - if you - like a huge majority of people have experienced some type of abuse in your childhood and life (which I encourage you to work on to process the emotional trauma), the possibility is to either see yourself as a victim of someone else or to think deeper into it and recognise that you too have done hurtful things to others.

And this experience of abuse does not give you permission to behave badly but to understand that you are being given an opportunity to learn through a painful experience of how you need to treat others - with love, respect, kindness and generosity whilst developing healthy boundaries for yourself.

In particular it teaches you great compassion for yourself and for others.

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