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How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy And A Healthy Baby


Thanks to this weeks question in reference to how to have a healthy pregnancy, I am sharing some things I recommend to have it in a conscious and healthy way. My wife Rachelle had a beautiful pregnancy, she never got morning sickness and the whole time felt really great.

Pregnancy Preparation

If planning your pregnancy I think it’s really important to do a good pre-conception cleanse. Not just for the mum-to-be but the man as well. I would suggest doing a 21 day juice fast, as well as a series of enemas, colonics or digestive cleansing. Spending the time to fully cleanse the body of different toxins is so important because when we have children we pass on our genetic coding. We want our kids to be healthy, happy, strong and even better than us. So cleanse your body first and then really live a lifestyle conducive for health.

The Art Of Conception

We call it conceiving or conception to have a child but I don’t think a lot of people really give space what that really means and I think that we should. Having a “CON-CEPT” about having a child is a beautiful thing. Imagine coming together in a loving situation with a partner where your making love and you’re intentionally creating a child.

Imagine holding a vision in your mind as man and a woman having an intention of creating of a beautiful girl or a beautiful boy. What does that look like for you? What’s the eye colour? How tall is this boy or girl? What are their personality traits? What are the good things that I have as a man and the good thing that you have as a woman that could come to create this perfect being? Having intention of what you want to create and then coming together in this bonding union makes for a really beautiful experience.

Creating The Right Environment

The environment the baby develops in is really important. This includes a range of things from having the right relationships where you feel you are supported. Pregnant women go through massive changes and it can be quite an emotional time. Just having friends and family to hold space, not react to certain situations is a huge comfort. Always remember something really good thing coming out of all this!

Being supported to be able to cut back on working hours and get outside more often to enjoy the sun are small things that can make a big difference. Sunlight produces nutrients within the body such as Vitamin D which helps calm and relax the nerves to give you strength. I suggest walking outdoors for 30 – 45 minutes twice a day to balance the mind.

Exercise in general is good because our muscles tend to get weak when we’re not flexible and it could really start to cause some issues on and around the reproductive organs. Yoga, pilates and a little strength training are all good options to keep your body limber and in good shape.

Physical touch can be a great stress reliever too. Make a ritual out of massaging in extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil or different types of really good avocado oil on the stomach. The oil allows the skin to stretch without causing scar or stretch marks which a lot of pregnant women suffer from.

Eating Right To Help Beat Cravings And Morning Sickness

Now is the time to really nourish yourself! As the baby starts to develop it’s requirements for nutrients increases. If you are super deficient in nutrition you will be giving the baby everything it needs but you maybe left feeling sick or nauseous, you will feel like the baby’s zapping you! In this case really big amounts of nutrients are called for, and that’s why juicing a variety of fruits and vegetables is really important. In the mornings I recommend you smash through lots of fresh fruits. Always consider foods in season as that is what our bodies are looking for in that time.

I actually believe it’s good to honor any cravings during pregnancy as they arise and satiate them. Even if you’re really craving something weird or something you wouldn’t normally have, I recommend you eat it. Rather than going through a process of stress “Oh I’m not going to eat that cause that’s bad”. Just eat it! Relax! Have some of that food, satiate the craving, but then go and also have some healthy food. Some cravings maybe satiated in one meal so it’s worth it.

Healthy foods to sustain yourself could be a wrap with lot of greens, onions, mushrooms, sprouts is great healthy choice to eat after. Essene bread with tomato and avocado is another good option. Avocados are a shape like the womb and cervix and take exactly nine months to grow. They are one of the best foods for increasing good fats, if you smash through some avocados everyday by having guacamole or on Essene bread it’s really going to be beneficial.

After you give birth continue with the avocados, studies show that by getting those good fats you’ll be able to shed the baby weight fat fairly quickly.

Conscious Pregnancy

For a good pregnancy I recommend you go into this with as much consciousness as possible. Really preparing through cleansing, setting an intention for the conception, and leading a stress free lifestyle with sunshine, exercise and whole foods. Focus on doing things that you love while your pregnant it’s going help with energy, vitality, and flow through to the baby.

Enjoy the process?

Thanks for reading,

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