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How To Know If You Have Healthy Poop – Having A Healthy Colon Is The Key To Being Healthy





Hey there and welcome today's topic – How to know if you have Healthy Poop!

Everybody does it, but we don't often talk about it! And it's one of the best ways to check our state of health.

There seems there is a bit of confusion about what is ‘normal’ when it comes poop in terms of regularity, form and colour. So let’s just dive in there and talk poop.

How Many Times A Day Should I Poop?

The reality is we should have a bowel movement after every main meal. When we eat a meal, the process of chewing, swallowing and the bulk of that meal stimulates movement in the digestive system. This movement is referred to as peristaltic action. So if you eat 3 meals a day you should have a healthy poop 3 times a day.

Your diet plays a big role in how effective your peristaltic action is. Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouts all have a natural 'electrical force' that helps create peristaltic action. If all is good, this should stimulate a bowel movement within 30-45 minutes of eating.

Even if you only eat 2 meals a day, you should still probably poop 3 times a day. That's because when you wake up in the morning the body is in ‘elimination mode’. Basically, this is THE time to poop.

I always recommend when you first wake up to drink a litre of water and go for a walk to activate your digestion (and balance your mood also). If you have a good bowel movement first thing in the morning, it’s going set you up to feel great the whole day!

A lot of times when you go to work and someone is all uptight we say, "Oh that person’s feeling ‘shitty’ today”, and avoid them. They’re feeling that way because they are probably full of poop still. If you gave them a litre of water, had them go for a little walk and have a good poop, they’d probably feel a whole lot better! Otherwise you could give them some Colon Cleanse at the next office Secret Santa?

What Should Your Poop Look Like?

According to the experts, healthy poop should be fairly small, and a curved shaped, almost like a little C or U shaped and consist of small poops that come out easily. The consistency should be fairly solid and the colour be brown/green. The colour is the hardest thing to ‘normalise’ because it depends on what you’ve been eating. For example if you’re eating lots of greens it will be green, or if you’ve been eating beetroots it will be reddish.

The most important thing really is the regularity. You really need make sure that you’re having multiple bowel movements a day. What you don’t want is like big hard long compact logs. That compaction means you’re constipated. When you’re free flowing everything should come out fairly easily as small, C shape type poops.

The other extreme is poop that is too runny. It’s important to realise that diarrhoea is your body’s way of trying to release something. Your body might be trying to remove a bad bacteria, parasite or virus that’s gotten into the digestive system. In this case support your body’s process to flush out whatever is causing the problem. You can do this by drinking a lot of fluids, doing an enema or a salt flush. Don’t ever take a drug or pill to stop yourself from having diarrhoea, this is working against your body’s efforts to eliminate something that it doesn’t want.

So What To Do If You Don't Have Healthy Poop?

Well it's probably time to CLEAN YOUR CLACKER…

The best way to get healthy poop is with a good diet plus regular colon cleansing. If you're not pooping enough that means some poop is staying stuck inside of you. Over time that builds up. It can narrow your inner piping and lead to increased 'back up' and constipation. Gross!

My 4 Day Colon Cleanse is exactly the thing to sort you out. It's a mix of natural fibres and clay that pulls out years of 'gunk' from your digestive tract. People are often shocked at just how much waste comes up – up to 12 kg of compacted faecal matter for some people! That's a lot of backup!

So that’s healthy poop talk. You all have a beautiful day, and if you’re feeling a bit shitty, you know what to do ?


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