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How To Overcome All Symptoms Of Food Allergies



It seems more and more people are now suffering with symptoms of food allergies. I’ve got some pretty interesting experiences to share myself and have seen many people reverse their food allergies after having followed the advice given by my father and I.

What Really Causes Food Allergies

My father, Don Tolman, teaches that generally if we have a reaction to a natural whole food it is likely that a particular food contains a super high amount of something that we are lacking in. It’s interesting how common nut allergies are. Nuts are one of the highest sources of concentrated phytonutrients. When we take in a food that is concentrated in the phytonutrients we are lacking this can cause a massive reaction. Why? Well maybe because the body wants those phytonutrients (or whatever it’s been lacking that the food contains) for some sort of detoxing to take place. Maybe some toxins have been stored in the body for a long time and when you get this massive hit of phytonutrients you’ve been missing the body starts to put them to good use and sets about detoxing.

This makes sense to me. Just imagine if you have stored toxicity, you eat something that’s designed to get rid of it, it sets a reaction pushing the toxins out of the body, but the reaction is so strong that it nearly can kill you.

Now most people look at that and say if you’re allergic to a certain food you should avoid it at all costs. But in fact when you have a reaction to a natural whole food it’s probably the very thing you should be taking – in very small quantities. By taking in tiny amounts of the food you can allow your body to slowly detoxify rather than getting a big hit which could be dangerous.

Cleansing To Reverse Food Allergies

My dad’s advice on how to get rid of food allergies is to first do a 21 day fast on cabala juice. Cabala is actually an acronym for Carrot, Apple, Beet, Apple, Lemon, Apple. Apples listed three times because you include a red, green and yellow apple. So essentially it’s carrot, beet, apple and lemon juice. You drink 3 litres a day and you do that for 21 days, after which your food allergies will be gone.

Then following the fast here is a protocol on how to safely re-introduce the foods you’ve been allergic to back into the body.

How To Reintroduce Foods You’ve Been Allergic To After A Fast

After the cabala juice fast it’s important to follow a process of re-introducing whole foods that you were previously allergic too. First start by just touching your lips with the food. If your lips break out, you don’t want to go past that point.

Literally keep trying everyday touching your lips with the food until your lips aren’t reacting. Then the next step is you touch the food on your tongue. If your tongue doesn’t react you can actually chew the food up and spit it out. Your body will be taking in very small amounts of the phytonutrients from it through your saliva. When you can chew up a small bite of the food and hold in your mouth and spit it out with no reaction then you can start to swallow very small amounts with some water.

The key here is only a very tiny amount each day. Then over time and distance you can take a little bit more and more. You might have a little reaction, that’s okay. The reaction is a sign that some cleaning is taking place. Over time and distance, you’ll no longer be allergic to that type of food which is beautiful because I believe it’s eliminated whatever toxicity was stored in you, and you no longer have to worry about it.

My Personal Experience With Food Allergy

So I have a personal experience with a food allergy. When I was a child I would break out all over my neck with a nasty rash every time I ate pineapple. My mother said, “Don’t eat pineapple you’re allergic to it”. But pineapple tastes so damn sweet and yummy that I couldn’t help it. I’d eat it at my friends house and I’d break out in a rash. The whole summer when pineapples were in season I just kept eating them because I liked them so much and I just didn’t care about the rash.

It came to a point where I had been eating so much pineapple that after some time I no longer got a rash, nothing happened. Where I grew up in Spokane, Washington, we lived close to a Nuclear Power Plant. There was a high rate of thyroid cancer in the area and in fact my mother had her thyroid removed because of thyroid cancer.

I believe that the thyroid accumulates a lot of the radiation and that when I was eating pineapple it was detoxing my thyroid from all the radiation. I believe if I hadn’t eaten pineapple every summer when it was in season, I potentially would have accumulated toxicity and potentially got thyroid cancer like so many other people who lived in that area.

What I find interesting is that pineapple actually looks like the thyroid and the colour yellow is one of the most profound colours for defending yourself from radiation.

So there is some really good information here to see food allergies in a new light.

I really want to add a disclaimer here. If you’re highly allergic to peanuts, I mean like if there’s a peanut anywhere near you that you’ll die from it, please just avoid it all together! I still recommend you go through the detoxification process, just maybe try some other nuts.


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