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How To Prevent Hair Loss And Have Healthy Hair

I had a guy stressed out about losing his hair ask me for tips on how to prevent hair loss and even regrow what is no longer there.

You might say, “Tyler It looks like you have a receding hairline too how do you know what to do?” Well the reality is I have always had this hairline. I could show you pictures from the time I was a small child to prove it.  So I’ve always had this hairline and I plan on always having this hairline. I love it the high forehead, did you know it represents intelligence?

Ok so first recommendation is to stop stressing out about losing your hair! The stress alone is probably making things worse. When we are stressed out all kinds of things change chemically within the body. So just relax and follow the advice below.

Build Your Blood To Keep Your Hair

Now, the thing we need to understand is it’s actually the blood that builds every part of the body. If I have really healthy, alkaline, amazing blood, then my body is going to regenerate skin, organs, eyesight in a better manner, and it’s certainly going to help with regenerating hair.

Having a shot of wheat grass on a daily basis can help improve the quality of your blood as can eating fresh foods. Eating salads and a variety of colours of different fruits and vegetables will make sure you’re getting all the phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins plus the life force that will build your blood and keep you healthy.

My Personal Theory On Why Men Lose Their Hair More Than Women

Now I have a specific theory as to why men especially lose their hair (but also potentially even women). My theory is based on heat. If you look at a chimpanzee or a gorilla compared to a human being the reason why we have less hair is because human beings are a lot hotter. That’s right, we are actually hotter than apes and gorillas and that’s the reason attributed to them having a lot less hair than us.

So it seems men are always losing their hair when they get older and not women. The difference between a man and a woman, is that generally women are always cold and men are always hot.

I believe that as men get older they generate more heat especially if they are continuing to eat big meals of processed foods and meat. The heat generated from this can be a contributing factor to hair loss. My theory is that the heat is venting through the top of the head and as you get hotter less and less hair thrives in that environment.

If you don’t want to keep losing hair I recommend cooling off, de-stressing and eating a high fresh food diet. Fresh food is cooling to the body rather than heat generating. Take cucumbers for example, you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘as cool as a cucumber’. Overeating is a big issue in heat generation as well, so watch your portion sizes and chew well.

Are Toxins In Your Personal Care Products Causing Hair Loss

As well as building your blood and nourishing yourself with fresh food, it’s also important to eliminate toxicity. Just look at what chemotherapy does, essentially the body becomes so toxic that hair begins to fall out. Artificial sweeteners, artificial colours, hydrogenated oils you know highly processed foods, MSG should all be excluded from your diet because the toxicity is going to also create a potential situation for hair loss.

Even using personal care products like shampoo, conditioner, body sprays and creams can have an impact. Many of these personal care products contain industrial contaminants like sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, and chemical perfumes which are known carcinogens. Carcinogen means “cancer causing in the genes” so cut all that out and choose whole food based personal care products as well.

I say if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.  Because when you put something on your skin you are literally eating it. It’s obvious when they make things like nicotine patches to put on your arm that it’s getting into your system.

So I hope that’s been beneficial. Cool off, de-stress, improve your nutrition and cut back on toxins. For inspiration just look at people like Anne Wigmore. She didn’t lose her hair, but she had a full head of grey hair at 50 and through drinking wheatgrass and modifying her lifestyle she had a full head of dark hair at the age of 75. If you can improve the colour of your hair then you can probably also keep your hair. I hope this helps and inspires you.

Thanks for reading,

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