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How To Stay Healthy And Happy This Christmas

Hey guys, I just wanted to have a chat about what I personally do and what I love about the Christmas season.

As you may know, I was born in the United States and so we lived close to Canada in Washington state, and most of the time we had a beautiful white Christmas. The tree was decorated, houses were decorated and it was a magical experience for a child.

I love the fact that Christmas traditions create a bit of magic for our kids. Some people might be anti Christmas or anti presents or anti lies and myths about Santa Claus, but I like the sense of magic. I love Seaenah, our daughter, waking up in the morning.

The whole month of December is Christmas month, so we’ve got Christmas music playing, we’re watching Christmas movies nearly every night, and we have an Elf on the Shelf that we put up in different places. It’s just a beautiful experience. It’s like every day is Christmas for my daughter. She wakes up and she’s excited to find the elves. I remember that feeling of getting up on Christmas morning and knowing Santa was here.

I really believe that there’s a beautiful family bond and connection that can happen from these traditions. Who cares where these traditions come from? We’ve had these beautiful experiences and let’s pass them on to our kids. I believe that there are some messages in here that are really powerful.

I’ve done other videos in other years about the real history of Christmas and where it comes from. I’m not going to spend the time to do that now, but I want to give you guys some tips around how to be healthy and clear even though it’s the holidays. Maybe you’ve got family or friends arriving, you want to have some drinks, you want to have a good time and be merry and eat lots of good food, and these are beautiful traditions to have.

Please don’t beat yourself up for it.

There’s a tool called an Enema Kit that can radically help if you eat too much food, if you drink too much, if you’ve got a hangover or you feel backed up. Maybe you can get up in the morning, move your body a bit, do some breathing, do an enema, clean it out and you’re going to feel so much better.

The main tip that I would have is keep your nutrition up. Start the day with fresh fruit, really hydrate your digestive system, get everything moving, do some breathing, go for a long walk and stick to the basics.

I have Heal Thy Self Greens, which contains every nutrient known to man. It’s going to build your blood that’s going to help you detox. It’s going to make sure you’re not lacking anything.

For me personally, I’m all about intermittent fasting. If I’m going to have some really big meals and have some wine or beer, I’m going to make better choices and maybe get biodynamic wine or a preservative free beer.

And sometimes I just let it go…

Have a great time, celebrate if that’s your thing, otherwise you can have some juices, you can get high on some chocolate and celebrate that way.

But the intermittent fasting and a little bit of enema cleansing are going to be some major tips for keeping you going through the holidays, through Christmas and through New Years, so you can have a beautiful connection with your family and really enjoy these holidays.

From Heal Thy Self and Tyler Tolman, we want to wish you guys a beautiful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and looking forward to seeing you in person or online in this next year.


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