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How To Tell If You Are Dehydrated: The Signals You Need Water

A really important thing to know is how to tell if you are dehydrated. It might sound simple, but I believe most of us are not aware of all the signs our body gives us. There is a system for signaling thirst that goes way beyond just noticing you have a dry mouth. I’m gonna share it with you here.

Feeling Tired, Legarthic and Dull – Maybe You’re Chronically Dehydrated?

I was once volunteering at a program where many other volunteers were feeling tired all the time and generally not well. I explained this whole thing of water to them, and one girl came up to me and said, “Oh, man, I’ve never been able to drink water”. I said, “Look, start tomorrow. Drink one litre of water, actually guzzle it down, and go through a whole thing. You’ll be hydrated, and trust me, you’ll feel better.”

She felt like it was a weird thing to do, but she came back the next day and was like, “Wow! I cannot believe that I guzzled a litre of water and the most interesting thing happened. All of a sudden, I was thirsty, and my mouth felt dry, and I wanted water. I started to drink more water until I totally felt like my thirst was quenched. Now I have energy and I feel really good. Thank you so much Tyler!”

This is something that happens to many people. I promise, if you start to drink a large amount of water, you’ll actually find that your body starts to thirst for more. Your mouth will get dry and you’ll actually crave more water!

How Pain In Your Body Can Be Linked To Dehydration

One of the main signals the body produces to tell you that you’re dehydrated is pain. And not just headaches but all sorts of pain – muscle spasms, arthritis, pain in your shoulders, neck, head, lower back and other random places – they are all signs of chronic dehydration.

The reality is that when we have a headache, if we just drink down at least one litre of fresh, clean water and wait about 20 minutes, the brain will begin to hydrate. When you drink just plain water (not mixed drinks, it has to be plain, pure water), it hits the stomach acids and is lifted in a process called osmotic precipitation. This hydrates the brain through the 3rd and 4th ventricles, and you can actually feel it. It feels like it’s raining on your brain.

Let’s look at the meaning of the word brain. B means beth or house. So, B-RAIN literally means House of Rain. Your brain is made up of over 90 percent water, so I guess you understand that migraines are coming from a chronic level of dehydration. Many of us think we drink enough water, but we are sadly nowhere near what the body and brain require and thus live in a state of chronic dehydration.

I have a recent example of a woman who came on a Heal Thy Self fast with her partner just to support his process. She was surprised that half way through she was no longer experiencing migraines. She had just accepted migraines as a part of her life and was taking medication every day to deal with them. Because she was hydrating herself in such a massive way with water and freshly squeezed juices, the pain was gone and she was able to stop using the pills. Now she understands what to do in order to never have those migraines come back.

The Most Effective Way To Rehydrate Yourself

When people become chronically dehydrated, it can take anything from 30 to 90 days to fully begin to rehydrate. The amount of time required depends on factors like how dehydrated you were to start with and how much plain, pure water you’re drinking. To help your body hydrate sooner, let me share a few tips.

Firstly, a pinch of salt can actually help the body regulate hydration.

Secondly, a little bit of citrus juice (lemon is great) can actually clear out lipofuscin from the brain. These two things, salt and citrus, will actually cross the blood brain barrier and will allow the brain to hydrate and really help in the process.

How Much Water You Should Be Drinking To Rehydrate Yourself

To keep hydrated, you need to consume about 1 litre of water per 22kg of body weight each day. I weigh about 76kg, and I drink on average 3.5-4 litres. I carry a 1-litre glass jar of water with me all day. You can add a bit of lemon juice in your water in the morning to alkalise your system, and then add a bit of Himalayan sea salt to your water throughout the day as this helps your body hydrate faster.

If you are chronically dehydrated, it takes time for the body to get to an ideal point of hydration.  It may even take weeks of drinking the right amount of water. So, keep it up, and know that the benefits are increasing.


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