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How To Turn Back Time And Release Years of Emotions In Days

Almost everyone wants to know how to turn back time, either in their physical appearance or maybe to erase something that happened in their past.

So today I’d like to talk a little bit about what happens energetically, mentally and emotionally during a process of either juice fasting or water fasting.

I have found some really interesting parables in ancient religious texts about how when you fast, you’re actually going back, like going into reverse, and there’s a kind of ‘cleaning up’ that happens of anything unresolved from your past.

It’s said that for every day of a fast you are eliminating a year’s worth of potential stress and toxicity and things that were going on.

Read that statement above again, what it’s saying is really powerful.

Everyday You Fast You go Back One Year In Your Life

Now I know this statement to be true because of my experiences working with people who are fasting.

My father has been running juice fasts and water fasts since I was a teenager. I’ve also been holding fasting retreats over the past six years here in Bali. Everything from shorter retreats that are an introduction to fasting, up to quite extensive programs with people fasting for as long as 21 days, even up to 40 days.

For example, on my Heal Thy Self Fast program, people with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, all these different conditions come in and fast with me for an extended period of time.

One thing I notice time and time again is that a lot of individuals come, they begin colon cleansing or start their juice fast and they’re feeling so great. Everything’s “hunky-dory”, and then one day they feel like they’re hit with a ton of bricks.

They’re puking, they’re having feverish symptoms, they’ve become emotional, they’re crying, and they’ve got all this ‘stuff’ coming up.

How 4 Days Can Turn You Back 4 Years

Time and time again, I’ll be able to go to that person and say, “Hey, what day of your fast are you on?”

And if they say Day 4 for example, I’ll ask them the question, “Where were you at, and what was going on for you four years ago?”

And they’ll think about it and be like, “Oh my god, this is exactly the energy and the emotions that I’m feeling right now. Four years ago I split up with my partner. I made myself sick. It was really emotional.” And this is the emotional trauma coming out.

Other times I’ve seen people who have cruised through 16 or 20 days of juice fasting feeling great the whole time and then BANG: one day puking, crying, going through all this stuff and I’ll go to them and I’ll say, “Hey, what day are you on? Day 20? What happened to you 20 years ago?”

And they’ll sit there and they’ll think, “Oh my god, 20 years ago, I went through this trauma. I couldn’t eat, I was sick.”

I think when we have a death in the family, or an accident, or some major trauma, it’s almost like the foods that we’re eating at the time are kind of suppressing those emotions to a degree. And then our fat cells hold those emotions.

It’s almost like the fat that we hold onto in our bodies is all that baggage and stored trauma, and it’s a protection against our emotions and things from the past.

How To Turn Back Time And Heal Past Wounds In Minutes Rather Than Days

So the reason I mention this is a lot of times we focus on the physical benefits of fasting. Things like how we can regenerate the digestive system, beautify our skin, have more mental clarity, more energy, more stem cell production. And all this beautiful science is now coming out about fasting, but what’s not being discussed is the emotional release that takes place.

I’d like to talk a little bit about the healing process of these emotions too. If emotions surface and the person is in pain, it can often take 24-48 hours for them to clear through everything.

However, over the years, I’ve learned techniques to go really deep with someone’s trauma and help pull it to the surface so it can be resolved more quickly. A lot of times people that are going through agonizing emotional pain (and often with physical symptoms) can get through it in five minutes.

By using certain techniques you can help a person to safely understand why that emotion was there and then be able to release and clear it almost instantly. This is enhanced greatly when an individual is fasting as well as they are typically very clear.

So I hope you’ve found this useful and gained a deeper understanding into just how powerful fasting can be. I recommend everyone try fasting. It’s a great way to remove the physical, emotional and mental layers that cover our true selves.

If you’re new to fasting and want to try it in a fun safe environment you can check out my Heal Thy Self Fast here in Bali.


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