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How Wearing Sunglasses Can Make You Sunburnt

Have you ever considered that your sunglasses could be making you sunburnt? Probably not! But it is something worth looking into. We all wear them pretty much everyday, but people have lived for thousands of years without having sunglasses. So what has changed? Let’s take a closer look at the facts behind sunglasses to see if they are a benefit or a danger to our health.

How Wearing Sunglasses Can Make You Sunburnt

Our bodies are designed perfectly to be able to cope with sunlight. In fact, it’s essential to our survival. It’s best we fully understand how our biology is in tune with nature before interfering.

It’s actually thought that your eyes register how bright it is in order to secrete specific hormones to keep you safe from the sun. Sunlight stimulates our pituitary glands, via the optic nerve, to produce a hormone that triggers the melanocytes in our skin to make more melanin. The effect of the extra melanin is that our skin becomes tan.

When you wear sunglasses, less sunlight reaches your optic nerve, meaning less warning is sent to your pituitary gland, and less melanin is made. Now think about the consequences of this. Since melanin is there to protect our cells from the damaging effects of UV radiation, we will be more likely to get sunburnt. In short we can conclude that wearing sunglasses can actually cause sunburn!

Live In A Temple of Light

I noticed a while back that if I wore sunglasses then took them off the sun was WAY too bright for me to handle. It hurt my eyes and gave me a headache not to wear them. I realised that this is not natural. I stopped wearing them, and within a short period of time it was fine to not wear sunglasses. Even at noon. On a beach!

I don’t have the need to squint my eyes. Even when many others are doing so, or wearing sun glasses. I don’t know about you but I want a Temple of Light!! Not Darkness. I have even heard that sunglasses were an invention by the illuminati to keep the “masses” in the dark, both figuratively and literally speaking.

Sunglass Addiction

Of course sunglasses do have their place to reduce glare whilst driving and things of this nature. But I see people wearing sunglasses even in shopping centres or after the sun has gone down! Are they glued to their faces? Have they just forgotten to take them off? Maybe they have gotten to the point of being afraid of showing their own eyes in public.

Our eyes are the windows to the soul and a great source of communication with each other. We should feel free and happy. In a world filled with depression, physiological issues, skin problems and much more, could blocking the sun from coming into our bodies, eyes and brain possibly be a cause of this?

The Sun Is Healing, Why Block It Out?

Seattle is a city with one of the highest suicide rates in the U.S. maybe it’s because it rains 250+ days out of the year and is always cloudy?

I personally choose to live where the sun is almost always shining bright and I do my best to get in it everyday and I hold this as one of the main reasons I’m such a happy energetic person.

I now consider it a good thing to be in the bright daylight. Wide eyed and bushy tailed without sunblock or sunglasses.

As with all my advice, common sense prevails, like I said earlier if you’re driving in traffic and it helps, then by all means wear them! But otherwise OPEN YOUR EYES and get into the SUN!!


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