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Is Indoor Air Pollution Making You Sick? Ways To Clean Air In Your House

Many health conscious people go to great lengths ensuring that their food, water and cosmetics are organic and free from toxins, but how many of us are conscious about the quality of air we are breathing? Air is our most vital requirement to stay alive and the first of the Seven Principles of Health that I teach.

Indoor Air Pollution Is Ranked Among Top 5 Health Risks to Public Health – What Is Causing This

We think of our homes as our sanctuaries, a safe haven from the outside world, but the EPA ranked indoor air pollution among the top 5 greatest risks to public health! Poor air flow in many homes allows pollutants to stagnate and affect indoor air quality.

So how can the air in our homes and offices be a hazard? Where are these toxins coming from? Well most people don’t even realise that paint, carpet, new furniture, appliances etc off gas benzene, trichlorethylene and formaldehyde. These chemicals can cause weakness in the immune system leading to flu, constant coughs, fluid in the lungs, blocked sinus’s and could pose long term health problems also. This is something I certainly don’t want for any of my family or yours!!

Did you know many wealthy families will actually purchase furniture and have it kept in a warehouse for 6 months to off gas the formaldehyde before bringing it into their home?! I don’t know about you but that’s not in my budget or in my patience zone!

NASA Clean Air Study Shows How To Clean The Air In Your Home And Office In Less Than 24 hours

Don’t worry, I’m here to make your life easier not scarier and yes I’ll let you in on an amazing solution! There are these brilliant air filters called “PLANTS”. They’re cheap, they clean the air constantly, they last along time, come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they look brilliant in any home.

There is science behind this too. As part of the NASA Clean Airy Study they did this really cool experiment where a sealed chamber was filled with indoor pollutants and then many varieties of plants were put inside. They found that Mother In Law Tongue, Florist’s Chrysanthemum, Money Plant and Peace Lilies were amongst the best air cleaners and eliminated over 95% of the toxins AND in less than 24 hours!! They also found Areca palm, Mother In Law Tongue were among best at producing oxygen.

They found with the right mix of plants cleaning the air and producing oxygen you could breath indefinitely inside a sealed chamber. Wow! That’s pretty cool. Check out the chart below from the NASA Clean Air Study to see for yourself.


Think About What You And Your Children Are Breathing In, Get Some Plants Into Your Home And Breath Air That Makes You Feel Energised And Healthy

If you have a new born baby consider all the new things in the nursery that could be off gassing toxins affecting their development. If you run a business and have an office full of tired lethargic employees, maybe consider it’s the air they’re breathing?

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be breathing in toxic air that is low in oxygen, so after figuring this all out I decided to deck out every room of my house with plants. It didn’t cost much and they will last a long time. I just take them outside on the weekends for sun and they’re good through the week. Here are a few I really like.

Areca Palm is brilliant at pumping out oxygen. It’s not as good as cleaning the air, so it’s important to realise to have a mix of plants for optimal air quality. Peace lilies complement it nicely as they are great for removing benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene from the air, plus They look pretty nice as they have flowers too.

There’s one called “Mother in Laws tongue” or “Snake Plant”. It looks like a cactus and off gases oxygen specifically at night so I have this one in all bedrooms throughout my house. It’s just nice knowing while I’m sleeping I’m getting more oxygen and not breathing in nasty toxins. This way I way up feeling fresh, energised and alive!!

You know in Vegas they pump oxygen into the gambling rooms to keep people more alert because it works. Imagine that added benefit for from sleeping or working in a room full of fresh oxygen!!!

The Colour Green Is Healing Alone And Proven To Instantly Relax

So do yourself a favour!! If you read this and it sounds cool, get off your arse today (otherwise you will forget) and go buy some plants and start breathing in the benefits! The results go beyond the air improvement too. Studies also show having plants around us naturally causes us to breath deeper and the colour green is healing for the eyes and calming to the nerves. Take a big breath in and relax!




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