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Is It Safe To Juice Fast Whilst Pregnant

I get asked a lot if it is safe to juice fast whilst pregnant. Juice fasting has so many benefits, but there are some situations where caution and consideration are necessary, pregnancy and breastfeeding being two examples.


I do not recommend doing a complete fast during pregnancy, or whilst breastfeeding because it is a really sensitive period of life. The food that you eat daily during this time can be emotionally satiating as well, so you should feel free to enjoy it.

Alternatives To Juice Fasting To Super Nourish Yourself

Instead of doing a complete fast, a better idea is to include heaps of nourishing, cold-pressed juices into your daily lifestyle, and some smoothies too. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic, and basically just go into super health eating mode! You can begin your mornings with lighter foods like fresh fruits, and then have something more solid in the afternoon, followed by steamed vegetables or soups for dinner. Still satiate yourself emotionally with some foods you love, so you have a good balance.

Once you are done with that whole process of pregnancy and breastfeeding, you will have the rest of your life to fast in order to get more energy, feel better and heal yourselves without potentially causing your breast milk to stop. If interested, you can read about some benefits of breastfeeding in my article Breastfeed Babies Have Less Risk Of Health Conditions.

What About Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is where you chose to eat between certain times – say for example 12noon – 6pm, meaning your digestive system is free the rest of the day to cleanse and have a break. This is perfectly ok.

I get a lot of queries from pregnant women interested in my retreats. I always recommend coming to my Praxisretreat where we intermittment fast and make delicious food, rather than one of my juice fasting retreats. Praxis is a pretty good optoin if you’re pregnant, as you also learn how to cook simple, healthy food that saves you time and that will come in pretty handy once bub arrives!

So, in a nutshell, I recommend you postpone fasting until you’re done with breastfeeding. Instead, focus on adding lots of natural and beautiful foods to your diet. If you drank nutritious juices, have smoothies and healthy food while you’re pregnant, and continue to do so, all that nutrition is going to go to your baby, and it is going to be blessed.

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