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Is The Gluten Free Trend Covering Up Damage From Pesticides

I want to take a ‘big picture’ look at the gluten free trend in this article, because I’m not 100% convinced that gluten is the ‘guilty party’ to be blamed for the digestive troubles that so many people are having these days. Gluten has been a part of our diet for a really long time, so what’s changed?

For example, have you ever stopped to consider that it may be caused by all those pesticides that are being used in the storage of grains?

In big agribusiness models, grains are sprayed with aluminium, fluoride or a whole manner of potential pesticides before they go to massive silos.

In reaction to these sprays, over time our digestive system can become very inflamed and get to a point where it can’t handle it anymore. We end up becoming super sensitive every time we eat this food causing major problems.

The mass media would like you to believe that ALL the problems with grains are due to the gluten contained within the wheat. I don’t actually think that’s true.

It may be PART of the problem, but I think many people don’t understand what gluten is. It’s actually just a protein housed within the grain, a protein that I believe is an amazing source of amino acids essential for building muscle.

More Evidence Against The Gluten Free Trend

When I lived in Missouri with my father, he was running fasting programs, and I remember he would specifically extract the gluten from wheat and make ‘fake chicken’ (it’s actually called seitan!). My dad, especially back then, was a glowing picture of health, big muscles, like absolutely ripped. He lived on fresh fruits, vegetable, salads and ate wheat for breakfast with honey on it!

If you look back thousands of years at the ancient Greeks and even the times of the Roman Empire and Ancient Egypt; wheat, grains and seeds were all used in abundance. Essentially that’s how these people survived the winter. I believe they were brilliant, strong and healthy.

Take the gladiators for example, they were called ‘Barley Men’ due to the fact they lived on barley. The amount of protein in this grain (called gluten) helped them be strong and build muscle.

Soaking and Sprouting Grains

I believe soaking grains is the key to making them really digestible. When you soak grains and allow them to germinate, there is an explosive amount of energy that becomes available! Soaking the grains also helps to remove phytic acid, a digestive inhibitor. So by soaking a grain or seed over a period of time it eliminates phytic acid and takes on LIFE, how awesome is that? I believe sprouted grains should actually be one of the staples in our life.

There is a sprouted grain bread called Essene bread which is really nutritious and satiating. If you’ve known me for a while you’ll know having some avocado on a piece on Essene bread is one of my favourite meals. It’s very healing for the body and I actually believe people who have Celiac disease or gluten intolerance could use sprouted grains to actually help them heal from the damage that’s been caused by a lot of these pesticides.

But if the grain is genetically modified absolutely not! Don’t even touch it!

Fasting To Heal And Allow Grains Back In

I’ve worked with people with celiac disease, gluten intolerance and IBS who couldn’t eat wheat.

However once they went through a level of fasting and detoxification and allowed their digestive system to heal; things changed. Part of the cleansing involved using bentonite clay and other things to extract those metals that can be found in grains.

I have an online program called Heal Thy Self @ HOME that will completely heal your small intestine, colon, liver, lymphatic system and pretty much your entire body!

Please don’t be afraid of wheats, grains and seeds! Consider cleaning and healing your digestive system first; make sure you really look at the source of the grain to make sure it’s organic, and definitely try soaking and sprouting grains to unlock their full energy and nutrition potential. Totally get some Essene bread too, with avocado, tomato and pinch of sea salt – it’s just the best thing ever!!

If you’re interested in learning how to reset your digestive system and learn more about foods sign up for Heal Thy Self @ HOME or even consider coming to Bali to do a fasting retreat.


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